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Good Shoes For Womens Running

Published at 03/27/2012 11:53:30


Gone are the days when womens running shoes were just smaller versions of men’s running shoes. Nowadays, manufacturers understand that men and women’s feet are differently shaped and built. It is therefore important for women to know what to look for when they are buying running shoes and they are as follows:

Step 1

Womens running shoes should feet snugly around the heel without being too constricting. This prevents placing extra pressure on the front of the foot or chaffing of the back of the foot. Compared to men’s running shoes the womens running shoes are snug because they have a narrower heel to foot ratio than men.

Step 2

The best womens running shoes should feel comfortable right away and one shouldn’t have to struggle to squeezee into them. The woman should be able to wiggle the toes freely though not too tight in any area nor slip out when you run. While still at the shoe store try to walk around or jog around to ensure that the shoe is the perfect fit.

Step 3

Womens running shoes should have cushioning for extra flexibility and shock absorption. Since women are lighter than men of the same height, their cushioning in the soles is usually less dense to produce bounce back. The bounce back is the springy effect of the shoe when pressure is applied on the soles of the feet and release during the normal running motion. Therefore the best womens running shoe providing the maximum bounce back should have a lower-density sole.

Before buying any womens running shoes it is good to know the shape and type of your feet first as there are special features added for different shapes of the feet. For the flat feet they will need to buy shoes with firm midsoles and plenty of support to reduce pronation, which means that the foot rolls excessively inwards. Hence the need to choose the womens running shoes that provides plenty of support. On the other hand if your foot underpronate or supinate, that is, the feet roll our as you run then the best women’s running shoe will have to be fitted with plenty of cushioning and a soft midsole.



Womens running shoes always have less cushioning as compared to men’s running shoes because they tend to pronate more than men due to how they have wider hips hence a bigger angle between the hip and knee. Therefore to differentiate between women and men’s running shoes is that for the women their running shoes tend to have more supportive mid and outer soles.

Jog a little in the new shoes to have a feel of how they fit. This is important because the feet usually expand when running/jogging. It is also advisable to carry with you the socks you wear while jogging and try them out with the shoe to ensure that you are buying a realistic fit. Women’s running shoes vary in sizes depending on the brands and style therefore it is imperative that one check for comfort and fit rather than simply looking at shoe size.


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