Where To Find Mens Black Shoes
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Where To Find Mens Black Shoes

Published at 03/27/2012 20:00:20


Where To Find Mens Black Shoes

Seems like the most crucial and rather difficult question men are asking while dressing up or dressing casual even for that matter is "What color shoes should should I pair up with these pants?". Well this article is wholly and solely devoted to answer this very query of yours and will prove to be a very useful cheat sheet in the recurring situation of which shoes to go for. Seems like the rule that the classier the pants are the more conservative should the pair of shoes be is being religiously followed by men all over the world. Therefore a pair of timeless and classy mens back shoes does solve more then half the problems in the shoe department with guys. A pair of mens black shoes are one of the very few extremely versatile things in the world.


A pair of back shoes will get you through almost every event and occasion that you must be present at, be it a very important interview, a formal dinner, a casual night out and even your job at your office; however make sure the more formal and important the event, the more classier, clean sharp your pair of mens black shoes should be. If you are sporting a dapper and a perfect fit suit then do not opt for a pair of black loafers and rather go for an elegant pair of oxfords and in the situation where you are just lounging around and going about your day to day chores in a pair of slacks and a sweater maybe or even jeans then definitely get all comfortable with that worn out pair of black shoes of yours.


The best thing about a pair of mens black shoes is that they prove to be an amazing investment in the long run, granted you use them in a caring manner and put in a little effort in maintaining them. One of the the classic and preferable pick amongst mens black shoes is Johnston & Murphy's 'Melton' Oxford; the thing about this black pair is that they will last you for years and will compliment almost any outfit you will be donning be it a sharp suit or a pair of slacks. As the shoes boast of a cap toe they will provide you with extra comfort.

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Florsheim's 'Edgar' Oxfords are a pair of back shoes that will prove to be your go to shoes for whenever you are wearing that dashing black suit of yours. there is no doubt every guy should go for a pair of black shoes with a black suit; any other color option will just not do. This pair of black Florsheims should be taken care by you like a vintage car and in turn they will take care of you be it in terms of timeless style, durability or comfort. granted they might put a little dent on that budget of yours but they will totally be worth it. A pair of black Cole Haan's 'Air Carter' will prove to be insanely comfortable given that they are a pair of dress shoes and that is because of the Nike’s ‘Air’ technology instilled into them; the best part about these mens black shoes is the fact that they are not insanely expensive