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Where To Buy Rocket Dog Shoes


Rocket dog shoes produce trendy, edgy, and funky footwear for fashionable females. Their range of footwear has everything from heels to pumps to sandals and wedges. Their shoes are worn by fashionistas like Demi Moore and Paris Hilton. They make quirky pumps and edgy sneakers and flats for the urban shoppers. They also have footwear for the streets and very cute sneakers available. For all the teens and young adults Rocket dog shoes are the pick because of their unique and edgy style.


Rocket dog shoes were conceived in California in 1997. The two founders of the company decided to join forces to make one brand which catered to making a unique range of shoes. The brand was titled “Rocket Dog’ after one of the owner’s dogs Max, who enjoyed running on the beach. The brand was the epitome of the California surf funk and soon became the footwear which was most coveted by young females. Over a decade has passed and now the brand has spread off shore away from the United States into countries like the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia etc and now covers an even larger range of shoes than before. Previously they only had sandals and wedges but now their range has heels, flats, pumps, and ballerina shoes amongst others.


The huge range of footwear and the unique styles available in them is what makes Rocket dog shoes so popular amongst women. They can be bought online or from any place that sells the shoes. The best place to usually buy any shoe is the retail outlet of the brand whose shoe you want to purchase. In the same way you buy Rocket Dogs from the Rocket Dog outlet. Other than that you can always order them online because the Rocket Dog official website offers free delivery for whichever shoes you purchase. You can also purchase the shoes from malls which have the shoe range of the brand. Macys for example has the range of Rocket Dogs. The easiest thing is to order them online because that way you get a lot of different websites which show you different deals and promotions on the Rocket Dog brand.

Tips and comments

The best thing about Rocket Dog shoes is that they are funky, edgy and cute without being overly feminine or overly tom boyish. It is easy to pair up Rocket Dogs with any outfit. They are the ultimate hip street style and have something for everyone. They make you look cool and trendy without trying too hard. They are off a reasonable price which makes them all the easier to have. They are appropriate for lots of places, from going to school or partying at the weekend you can wear your rocket dogs anywhere anytime. Being comfortable and trendy both at the same time makes them an ideal choice for most people. Rocket Dog shoes can be worn with a cute skirt at the weekend for going out with friends or with simple jeans or shorts if you want to wear them to school.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/27/2012
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Where To Buy Rocket Dog Shoes. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.