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How To Find Waterproof Shoes


Ordinary shoes work well on dry days but are a mess when they come into contact with water. Waterproof shoes on the other hand are designed to handle repeated exposure to water with no damage at all. Waterproof shoes have to be able to remain dry even when stepping in water and also not be damaged by water. Ordinary shoes will tear apart due to repeated exposure to water and allow water to sip into them. Here are a few ideas on how to find waterproof shoes that fit your feet and your needs.

Step 1

A common problem with waterproof shoes is that manufacturers concentrate too much on waterproofing and forget the basic aspects of a shoe like comfort, durability, traction and support.

Step 2

Before you purchase ant waterproof shoe, make sure that it meets the most basic requirements of a good shoe. Also, do not overlook the fact that you have to get a well-fitting shoe. Do not go for very tight or very loose fit, but rather go for the perfect fit.

Step 3

Why are you buying waterproof shoes? Are they for hiking, golf walking or running? All these activities may require waterproof shoes but no single shoe is fit for all of them. You will almost require a different shoe for each of these activities.

Step 4

Walking waterproof shoes need to cushion your feet and need to be comfortable. Golf waterproof shoes need to be able to handle slippery wet grass an also provide enough grip when swinging. Running waterproof shoes should be as light as possible while still cushioning your heels.

Step 5

Decide whether you need a full waterproof shoe. That is whether the whole shoe should have a waterproof upper, lining or both. For hot wet conditions, a waterproof lining will make it harder to manoeuvre, reduce breathability and take some time to dry in case the inside gets wet.


Get waterproof shoes with solid rubber soles. A rubber sole should be perfect as it is light, waterproof and very flexible. However, they should not be too flexible and should provide a bit of resistance when bent unless you want to use them for swimming. They should bend at the ball of your feet. A very solid sole is not recommended as it will be very uncomfortable to wear and walk. Before you decide to buy a particular shoe try it on to determine how well it fits; remember to wear socks while testing if you intend to wear the shoeswith socks. Also try walking with it for a while. Check if the weight is right and if you are able to walk perfectly in them. Try walking uphill and also downhill to get a very good feel.


You can never be too careful with money. Have budget and stick to it. Shop around for different prices, different qualities and get the best value for your money. Prices will also depend on seasons. Waterproof shoes will be more expensive when the weather season is conducive for outdoor activities. Also remember that waterproof shoes do not cost the same as ordinary shoe and will be roughly a little bit expensive.

By samque, published at 03/28/2012
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