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How To Find Shoes For Costumes

Published at 03/28/2012 14:46:18


Finding costumes shoes can be a fun and overwhelming experience. It is so hard to find really good costume shoes, despite there being so many shoe retailers on the market. The most important part of costumes shoes is that they match the period of the costume. You don't want to wear more modern shoes with an old style costume and vice versa. It is also important to have your shoes be a part of the costume. They should blend in with the costume and become a part of it just like the clothing.

Step 1

The first step to beginning your costumes shoes search is to look online. There are many online costume retailers that offer great shoes for just about any costume. You can get some really good ideas on costume and theater sites. These sites can give you some great information on finding the perfect costumes shoes. Along with finding costumes, you can find the greatest shoes to go with those costumes. You can get ideas on creating your own shoes and adding details to shoes when you can't find that perfect pair for your costume.

Step 2

Many times costumes shoes just can't be found, so you may have to create your own. You can use existing shoes that you already have by adding details and changing the color of the shoes. This is an easy process and you can find instructions and products online. You can add beads, colors, feathers,and trims. This makes for creative shoes for the costumes. You can create one of a kind costumes shoes. This is a fun and unique way to create your own costume shoes. You can truly get a great pair of shoes made quickly and easily.

Step 3

You can have custom costumes shoes made for your outfit if you like. This is a great way to get that perfect pair for your costume. Costume companies can make your shoes for you to your specifications. They can create custom, one-of-a-kind creations just for you. This is a great way to get those costumes shoes. The costume designer shop can do an excellent job, though it may cost you extra since these shoes are hand made. Still, if you are having trouble finding the costume shoes and dont' feel comfortable attempting to make them on your own, this is a great option.

Step 4

When choosing costumes shoes, it is also important to keep in mind that you need comfort and support. IF you are performing in your costume, or just wearing it for a special occasion, you still need to keep in mind that you will be walking and standing in the shoes. You need the costume shoes to be comfortable and safe to wear. If the shoes have too high of a heel, or just don't feel very comfortable, then you won't be able to enjoy wearing your costume and your feet will be in pain. This doesn't create a good performance or a good time to be had.

Step 5

In the world of costumes shoes, there are so many options. Don't be afraid to play up on the shoes you already own. Visit costume shops both in person and online to get great ideas for your costume. Brainstorm and draw up ideas that you can create on your own. This is a fun way to get creative and get that perfect pair of shoes that goes just perfectly with your costume. Have fun and be creative. Don't be afraid to get wild and show the world your crazy side. This is a truly fun experience, when you can dress up and be someone else for a little while.


Have fun and be creative.

Check different sources for ideas.

Create your own shoes.

Have them custom made.

Buy them from costume shops.


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