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The Best Styles For Mens Leather Shoes

Published at 03/29/2012 21:06:13


A pair of mens leather shoes is one investment that every guy should make at least once in his lifetime; because of this specific material, the pair of shoes have an extra classy and elegant look to them and because of the quality of the leather they will last you for years granted they are handled in a caring manner. here are some of the styles of mens leather shoes that you would definitely be liking when deciding to make this purchase. The Dark Brown Oxford which is a Vanas cap-toe pair of shoes by Esquival is most definitely the one you should check out. These are sophisticated as well as contemporary and the best thing about them is the fact that they will compliment anything you wear be it a dapper suit or those comfy slacks. However we would strongly suggest to pair them up with gray, charcoal or navy colors of suits and even tweed jackets and work appropriate jeans or even gray flannel. In order to make sure that these pair of leather shoes last you for a longer time you should have them resoled when you feel the heel has started to wear thin; do not wait until it is wore down to the leather.


The Slim Back Oxfords are another pair of mens leather shoes by the brand of Fratelli Rossetti one should consider; we are of the string opinion that you should not spent that extra cash on a pair of black patent shoes that you will end up wearing only a few times in your life; instead go for narrow black leather shoes as these are just equally elegant, sharp and polished and in addition also go with your work clothes. Just make sure you have these pair of leather shoes polished on a regular basis.


Didrik brown loafers made out of leather by the brand of Tommy Hilfiger will prove to be a sound investment for you as well; this pair right here can rightly be labelled as leisure shoes and rank the top most when it comes to comfort with style. the best part is that although the traditional design of a pair of mens leather loafers is very standard, brands nowadays are giving it a more modern twist in terms of silhouettes and details which you can opt, the prime example being this leather pair by Tommy Hilfiger which boasts of to stitching detail and attractive gathering.

Tips and comments

The Air Lenox Chelsea boots made out of leather by Cole Haan are for the hard times when it is so cold that you cannot even feel the wind past your laces. The most useful feature about these pair of mens leather shoes is the fact that they are lace less and keep your ankles as well as feet warm not to mention that unlike most of leather boots they have been designed in a way that are formal enough to be worn around the office. As they have the Nike Air technology integrated into them, they rank high on the comfort level as well.