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The Best Mens Shoes And Boots


Buying the perfect pair of mens boots shoes can be quite challenging yet very rewarding at the same time. Being able to buy the right pair is every man’s desire, especially since a good pair will allow a man to go places, both literally and figuratively. Once a man finds a great pair of shoes or boots, he will never want to let it go. This is why it is extremely vital to choose a pair of mens boots shoes that is sturdy and long-lasting. Quality never fails. A pair of shoes is an investment, and some people even regard it as a fine piece intricately crafted by artisans that serves not only functionally but aesthetically as well.

There are four main types of men’s shoes: work boots, casual shoes, athletic shoes and dress shoes. Work boots are meant for heavy duty tasks but can also be used for casual outfits; casual shoes, as the name implies, are made for casual wear such as jeans; athletic shoes are for sporty activities; and dress shoes are designed for sleeker or more formal outfits. Here are some things to consider when buying a particular pair of mens boots shoes .

Step 1

Work Boots

The two most important things that you need to consider when buying work boots are comfort and quality. Try on a variety of pairs and styles to be able to decide on the best pair of mens boots shoes . Work boots for outdoor use should have thick soles. The wearer should be able to stride comfortably above anything else.

Step 2

Casual Shoes

Casual shoes include slip-ons, sandals and mens boots shoes, among others. Great with jeans or rugged trousers, casual shoes are not really meant for heavy-duty purposes or work, although just like work boots, a pair should be as comfortable as possible. It is best to buy a pair that goes along well with more than one or two outfits. Choose a pair that can be worn with almost anything, whether long pants or shorts, polo shirts or simple t-shirts, etc.

Step 3

Athletic Shoes

In buying a pair of athletic shoes, make sure that you conduct a test run or walk before you pay for the pair. Look for athletic shoes that sufficiently support the ankles and feet. Whether you will be wearing the pair for brisk walking, jogging, mountain climbing or joining intensive triathlons, one thing is for sure-- only buy brands that are certified good quality. Note though that expensive doesn’t always equal quality.

Step 4

Dress Shoes

Dress shoes should be just that-- dressy and very presentable. Dress shoes include loafers, oxfords and dress boots. Keep in mind the pieces of clothing that you will wear while buying a pair; consider the material and color among other things.

Step 5

Other Things to Consider

Be sure to buy mens boots shoes later in the day, as the feet naturally expand in the afternoon. If you are buying for somebody else, say your father or your partner, and he won’t be accompanying you during your shopping, it is ideal to have him trace his actual feet on a piece of cardboard. This way, you’ll get the most accurate shoe size for him.


Whether you are buying a pair for yourself or for somebody else, the most important thing is to look for quality, which doesn’t really mean expensive. Have fun buying mens shoes boots.

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