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Where To Find Mary Jane Shoes

Published at 03/29/2012 22:10:44


A classic Mary Jane shoe is typically made of leather or patent leather with a thin strap which can be fastened with a button or buckle. They have a broad rounded toe.


Mary Jane shoes are essentially strapped sandals or shoes with some distinct features. They are low heels with few rare exceptions. The toes in these shoes are always closed and rounded.
They have straps on the ankles. Traditionally they are made of patent leather with high glossy finish. However, they are made in a wide variety of styles and colors.


There are many stores that sell Mary Jane shoes. Mary Jane shoes are available at CROCS. They have variety of styles of these shoes in classic clog and dressy designs in leather and suede suitable for office to evening use with different prints. They have Mary Jane shoes with some additional.

Famous Footwear has over 200 designs of Mary Jane made from patent leather, semi leather or canvas price ranges from $10.99 to $94.99. Polyvore has many exclusive designs like Bertie Alvaro Block Court shoes ($85), MARC BY Marc Jacobs ($284), Asos Pepper Platform Mary Jane Shoe With Peeping Toe $45, Vince Jasper Camuto $119.00, Mona Mary Janes $200.00, Marc Jacob $380. Nike also sells Mary Jane shoes under the brand name of “Free Mary Jane II” at $38.97.

Tips and comments

Mary Jane shoes are excellent for every one with bad ankles. It is always advised to the pregnant women and a mandatory with complicated symptoms. Mary Jane shoes are comfortable and easy to fit. Their design protects your feet from many injuries including blisters and calluses. They are mostly lightweight with good power absorb shocks. The inherent designs of these shoes make the difference with other shoes in regard to fit and function with stability and cushioning. Feet come in different sizes and shapes. Mary Jane shoes are good for most of the normal feet.