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Where To Buy Safety Shoes

Published at 03/29/2012 21:02:00


Accidents are prone to people working in fields like construction, electrical professions, height and weight oriented professions like freight and cargo, working on wet and slippery or spillage –prone areas like ports and decks etc. To prevent these occupational hazards, authorized bodies like Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulate the use of "Personal Protective Equipment." Safety shoes form a part of the PPE.There are different types of safety shoes based on the requirement; heat-resistant soles, impact-resistant toes, metal insoles, puncture resistant, Slip resistant etc. are different types of safety measures that are provided by safety shoes.

Safety shoes should be purchased by a reputed source as an ineffective product can even result in loss of life or limb. Most manufacturers and suppliers generally provide by bulk or are contracted to provide safety shoes as requirement arises. Hence, it is a good idea to have a trusted supplier on call if your organization has such occupational hazards.


Here are some sources to purchase Safety Shoes.
Vijay Shoes Private Limited – Pune: – This company manufactures safety shoes for all fields from Hospitals to Mining. Located in Pune, they take orders in Bulk and deliver across India.

Hindustan Rubber and Plastic Industries Agra:- This is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company that makes safety shoes. They also make shoes customized based on the requirement of the client organization. A wide network of dealerships across India which can make local purchase easier for customers is one of their assets. They also offer consultancy services for selecting the right product. If one is looking for smaller quantity orders, this is a good place as they do not insist on major bulk orders.

Euro Safety Footwear India Private Limited Agra:- These are exclusive safety shoe manufacturers for construction and industrial safety. While they conduct deliveries across India, they accept orders only in bulk.


Treadsafe Engineers (India) Pvt Ltd, Delhi: -Tread safe manufactures safety shoes of different types like electric shockproof, Anti-skid, Gum Boots and Leak-proof etc. The features that treadsafe markets are that there products are less maintenance and high strength.

V. S. Marine Services, Chennai: - V.S.Marine is a distributor of safety shoes. If the requirement is not of a large quantity, it is a good option to deal with distributers than with manufacturers who are generally interested in bulk selling. Also, another option if the requirement is regional.

Intech Safety pvt Ltd, Kolkata: -Intech safety are manufacturers of all personal protective equipment from shoes to ear muffs etc. They however have a minimum order quantity of 500 pairs. Hence these are suited for large industrials and manufacturing units.

Tips and comments

Safety Shoes are not anymore a perk or add-on for the employees. It is mandatory by law and regulating bodies that personal protective equipment is provided to employees that encounter safety hazards during course of work. Any accidents that are caused due non usage of PPE can cause major setbacks legally to the organization and affect the employee morale. It is hence, safe to say that safety shoes are a good investment for long term gains.