How To Match Shoes With Suits
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How To Match Shoes With Suits

Published at 04/01/2012 16:20:13


How To Match Shoes With Suits

Formal attire is never complete without the shoes. For this reason, most individuals match their shoes with suits. Both shoes and suits come in different styles, designs and colors. Some may think that the colors of the shoes should match the color of the suit. This is not true to all suits; some shoes can be used in different types of suites. You can even mix and match your shoes and suits. Here are some ways on how to match your shoes with suits.

Step 1

Matching shoes with suits is easy. All you have to do is know the color of your suit. Once you have an idea of the suit’s color, you can decide either to match a suit that complements or contrasts the color of the suit. Most suits are available in black, gray, brown, navy and other earth colors. These are the simplest colors used in suits and often require shoes with the same shades if you want complementing attire. If want a contrasting attire, you can match brown shoes with suits in black or navy. You can also match black shoes with suits in brown or navy.

Step 2

For white suits, a shoe with the same shade of white can be used. If you are wearing a shirt in a different color on top of your white pants, you can match different colored shoes that match the color of your shirt. White shoes should only be used in suits with white or tan color. Wearing a cream suit is best paired with black or dark brown shoes. Another thing you need to consider in matching shoes with suits is its shape and design.

Step 3

Formal occasions often require slip-on leather shoes with laces to match your formal suit. You can also use formal shoes with straps to make a more casual look. Before going to any formal event, make sure that your shoes are well polished. In less formal occasions, suede shoes can be used to match the suit.

Step 4

With this guide, you will be able to look your best in any occasion you will be attending. Matching shoes with suits is easy as long as you keep it simple. Match your shoes and suits with your personality. Have your own style.

Step 5

Experiment with your clothes and mix and match shoes and suits. Invest in shoes that are made of true leather and be sure to take care of it by cleaning it properly. Be sure that your shoes fit you perfectly so that it will more comfortable for you to roam around during an event. If possible use your shoes alternately so that it will not look old. You also have to choose shoes that can match most of your suit.


This will help you match shoes with suits easily. But your shoes and suits is not the only thing that will make you look good at every event. Your confidence and attitude defines who you are and it is reflected on how you carry your suit. Whatever you wear, you will look good if you are true to yourself and just enjoy the whole event.

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