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Where To Find Loafers And Shoes

Introduction is a one stop shoes and accessories online shop built by This online store has a very wide selection of accessories, bags, and shoes in different brands and categories. For shoes, they have all the different kinds of shoes such as driving shoes, loafers shoes, dress shoes, clogs, and many more. If you’re also particular about a certain shoe brand, then you can also find different brands of shoes such as Calvin Klein, Caterpillar, Crocs, Columbia, DC shoes, Hush Puppies, Hugo Boss, Kenneth Cole, Kickers, and a lot more. offers both local (U.S.) and International shipping. They ship to more than 50 countries worldwide such as Australia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, France, Bulgaria, Brazil and etc.


Aldo is a shoe store chain owned by the Aldo Group which is a Canadian corporation. It was founded in 1972 in Montreal, Quebec by Aldo Bensadoun. Today, there are 1600 Aldo stores which can be found worldwide. However, not all of the stores worldwide are owned by the Aldo Group, they only own stores in Canada, U.S., UK, and Ireland, while the rest is already franchised. Aside from shoes and accessories, Aldo also sells bags for women. Aside from their stores, they also operate online through their online store.

If you’re looking for loafers shoes, you can surely go to any Aldo store by checking their store locator to find the nearest store in your place or you can also check their online store. They have a wide selection of casual and dress loafers shoes in different colors and in different materials. In purchasing items in their online store, you can have it shipped to your location only if you’re in the continental U.S. since they currently don’t have shipping in Hawaii, Puerto Rico. However, you can pick-up your orders in the nearest Aldo store near you.


Nordstrom is founded by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin and started as a shoe store in Seattle in 1901. Today, it has become a department store which has a wider selection of products such as jewelries, cosmetics, perfumes, accessories, clothing, bags, and even home furnishing. It now has 226 stores in 30 U.S. states such as California, Alaska, Atlanta, Dallas, and a lot more. Aside from that, they now have an online store which can be accessed in

Nordstrom’s online store basically sells everything that they also have in their department stores. So aside from clothing, men’s shoes such as loafers shoes, oxfords, and sandals, women’s and children’s shoes such as sandals, pumps, and flats, they also sell beddings, and home decorations.

If you’re willing to buy loafers shoes, you can find it in Nordstrom’s online store. If you want to make sure that the shoes fits you right, you can use their online store’s store locator so that you can find a Nordstrom store near your place.

Nordstrom ship locally and internationally. For local shipping, they offer free standard shipping and for international shipping, certain rates would apply depending on the courier and the number of business days that the customer wants to have it delivered.


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