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Where To Find Brooks Brothers Shoes


Brooks Brothers is founded in 1818 Manhattan by Henry Sands. Since then, it has become the first ready to wear apparel shop in America and is known to be producing high quality and fashionable clothing and Brooks shoes. Originally, Brooks Brothers made clothing exclusively for men and eventually extended their products to women and children. They were also the first company who introduced famous clothing and clothing accessories to America such as English Foulard ties, The Pink Dress shirt, The Shetland Sweater, Argyles, and a lot more. Brooks Brothers is also one of the oldest clothing stores, having made clothing for former presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy. Even the current U.S. Barack Obama wore Brooks Brothers clothing accessories in his inauguration in 2009. Brooks Brothers have not only been popular to U.S. politicians but to Hollywood celebrities as well. It was chosen as a supplier for the suits and Brooks shoes worn by actors in the Made Men television store as well as in Gossip Girl.

Brooks Shoes

Aside from their suits, Brooks Brothers have also become popular because of their sturdy high class and high quality Brooks shoes. Their shoes are made from the finest quality of leather and are made by old-world craftsmanship together with modern techniques. Their shoes are made from either calfskin, or exotic leathers coming from animal skins such as shark, alligator and other unusual animal skins. They have six footwear categories, the Cordovan, Peal & Co. ® Collection, Dress Calfskin, Casual, Formal & Luxury, and Slippers.

Brooks Brothers Shoes stores

At present, there are 210 Brooks Brothers stores in the different states in the U.S. such as Alabama, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, Missouri, Massachusetts, Iowa, Maine, Illinois, California, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New Jersey and a lot more. Their flagship stores on the other hand can be found in Manhattan, Beverly Hills, Boston, and Chicago. They have also extended their outlets internationally to 70 countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Greece, Chile, Dubai, France, China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. All of their Brooks Brothers stores sell all the Brooks Brothers clothing and Brooks shoes.

Brooks Brothers online shop

Brooks Brothers also made sure that they are updated with the latest in information technology which is why they also extended their products and services online through their Brooks Brothers online shop which can be accessed in They offer $10 on the first order for those members who have created an account. Members who have Brooks Brothers Platinum Master Card or the Brooks Card can also avail of discounts even if they purchase products through their online shop. Basically, the online shop offers the same products as their onsite store outlets. They have products for men, women and kids such as shirts, trousers, suits, underwear, socks, sleep wear, Brooks shoes, bags, ties, dresses, blazers, jewelries, and other types of accessories. Aside from the clothing, they also sell products for home such as beddings, table tops, and pillows.

The Brooks Brothers online shop offers local and international shipping through FedEx. They charge $49.99 for international shipping and $10 delivery charge to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada.

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