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How To Choose Sexy Shoes For Date Night

Published at 04/02/2012 16:39:40


A special night might be considered a hot date with the prince of your dreams. Moreover, this is an occasion to hit the stores in order to find a pair of sexy shoes. Sure, you have some shoes that might be suited for this occasion, but maybe a new pair that is in trend with the latest tendencies might be a good idea.

Step 1

You must consider the place of the date before choosing the sexy shoes. Some men prefer to take you out at a nice restaurant near the beach, with the perspective of going to the disco later. In this case, you will need a comfortable pair of shoes that will allow you to dance all night long. Of course, there is also the perspective of going out to a sober and luxury restaurant, and in this case, a pair of sexy shoes with high heels is mandatory.

Step 2

If you have chosen a short dress over the knees, the model that is also called the crayon type, it is recommended to wear of high heels sexy shoes. However, keep in mind that this model of shoes is not that comfortable, so if you are planning a long night, you might think about a pair with shorter heels. On the other hand, a pair with no heels might look comfortable, but this model is not proper for this type of dress, especially if you are going to a sober place such as a luxury restaurant.

Step 3

If you are going to a long walk in the park on a date, a pair of comfortable sexy shoes is recommended. This time, you won’t make any mistake. However, if your date is tall, you might think about a pair with some elegant but comfortable heels.

Step 4

You might go on a date in a disco, and this type, a pair of sexy shoes with thick, high and resistant heels is the best solution. You can even think about sandals with a platform, but make sure the rest of the outfit is also suited.

Step 5

For an elegant outfit, you might think about the sexy shoes with fine textures that are ideal in this scenario.


The boots are also a great choice, even during the summer. However, the sports shoes are not recommended for any outfit, as we are talking about a first date after all, and it is surely unpleasant to show up as you are ready for jogging, unless you are dating a sports man.

For a first date, you should not try experiments with the sexy shoes, as you will risk ruining the rest of the outfit. Go for a dress that is already checked to make a good impression, and try to match it with a pair of interesting but not weird pair of sexy shoes.

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Of course, even if you need to consider the event before choosing the sexy shoes, you should also make sure they are suited with your style. Even if you strive to look hippie, you might not succeed if you are the elegant type of girl. Many women that are passed their first youth would try to look younger. If the respective man asked you for a date, you can be sure that he also knows your approximate age, and you might look ridiculous if you are trying to look like you are in your mid twenties. Make sure to find a nice outfit, and to match it with the proper pair of sexy shoes.