How To Wear Hosiery With Shoes
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How To Wear Hosiery With Shoes

Published at 04/05/2012 12:12:14


How To Wear Hosiery With Shoes

Looking sexy and smart is desirable by almost everyone. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, flaunting when you are beautiful and handsome is what everyone likes. There are many accessories and products that enhance your beauty and one of the best combinations in this world is to wear shoes with hosiery. This is as comfortable as it sounds and you may get to know the various styles and façade in the fashion world.

One of the most frequently asked questions in this regards has been how to wear shoes with hosiery? There is no fixed answer to that as fashion has different forms and faces. There are many steps followed in fashion world where you can wear shoes with hosiery and flaunt it at its level’s best. These steps to follow for how to wear shoes with hosiery may be described in a procedural way. The various steps involved in this are as follows:

Step 1

Imagination is the biggest painter and creator of all time. This is the first rule in the fashion world as well as in real world. Staying true to yourself and your own individuality is most important rather than to wear shoes with hosiery and getting an uncomfortable feeling. First step is to check whether you are comfortable with it or not.

Step 2

The best way to wear shoes with hosiery is to overshadow it by covering it if you want elegance to ponder over. This same step can be flipped and you can sport those long legs with fishery nets and sexy boots or shoes and flaunt it like anything. Again, personalized styling is most important in all these steps which stay common throughout.

Step 3

Male hosiery is usually worn regarding athletic reasons. It is mandatory to wear shoes with them to give the benefit of male hosiery with best results. Cold environment is another reason for male pantyhose. You might get the stigma of society for male wearing hosieries but the fact remains killing all myths that it is highly beneficial for male. Wearing it right or in correct mannerism is the prime step that should be kept in mind.

Step 4

Girls go for this combination usually to get the attention of their partners. Wooing your partner is what you always want and to know how to wear shoes with those sexy leggings and hosiery is the best thing you can learn during this time. The next step or style is to put the focus upon the single entity using thumb rule. Talking briefly, this means to bring in focus either the shoes or your hosiery. This will highlight the single entity and put the other out of focus but in picture. This brings a great effect overall.

Step 5

Choosing a designer to get your styling done is the final step to wear shoes and hosiery at the same time. Though, it may sound a bit over the edge but the fact is there are personalized stylists and designers who are hired just to enhance your closet and your wardrobe according to your choice.


Hosiery is completely meant for styling.

additional tips

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