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Tips For Coordinating Belts With Shoes


A belt is an interesting item for either men or women to give them an amazing look. A belt can either let itself shine or make it invisible; it all depends on what you’re wearing and how you’re dressed. Belts and shoes matching has been an all time favorite for men and people have started to get concerned about the matching for quite a long time now. There’s a variety of belts available from where to choose and match with your shoes. There is a variety of colors, materials, brands and styles from where you can match your shoes from, so you have to spend time and think over it a lot. Belts and shoes matching can make your look formal or casual; it depends on how you have matched your shoes with the suitable belt.

Step 1

It is not as easy as you think when it comes to matching your outfit with the belt or shoes matching with belt. When it comes to matching dark color shoes, make sure that you choose to have dark belts. Or if a light color shoe has been chosen then wear light color belt with it. Belts and shoes matching is considered noticing when it is suited. The shoe matched with your belt gives you a formal look.

Step 2

The best way to give your outfit a formal look is by watching your belt size and after that making it match with your shoes. Let’s say you’re deciding to wear light brown shoes and you’re not satisfied with the matching of belt. Choose light brown color belt so that your shoes and your entire outfit gets compliment. Belts shoes when matched give you a formal look.

Step 3

For men this is there very style statement when it comes to belts or shoes matching. Either it worsens the look or makes your look shine. Making your belt match with your shoes only needs the perfect color matching. If the color of the shoes is light, wear light colored belt. It the color of the shoes is dark, wear dark colored belt. Be very careful in matching your color of shoes and belt. This is the reason of your formal or casual look.

Step 4

On the other hand, buying a belt that fits your waist is the very necessary point to ponder. Buying expensive belt is never an option, because buying belt that is expensive than your shoes is not a best option. Belts and shoes matched and not in the right size give a really lame look and you don’t want to keep your breath the entire day just to look good.

Step 5

For matching belts and shoes it’s not necessary to match shoes and belts of the same color, but the matching needs to be of the similar colors. You can choose a color from your shoes that you think can go with the belt and this way you can have a formal look that can be very precise for your entire look.


Belts and shoes matching needs to be very accurate. Only a belts shoes matching can make your look formal or casual and it can give a look that can be liked by almost every one.

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