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Best North Face Shoes

Published at 04/04/2012 06:53:38


The North Face, Inc. is an American product company which provides outerwear, fleece, shirts, footwear, and equipment such as backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags. It mostly provides accessories for outdoor activities and sports. Popular for their durability, north shoes from The North Face are best for those who are interested in outdoor sports such as hiking, running, and mountaineering. The company facilitates the customers also by offering north shoes in the form of sandals for river-running.

Looking for the best North Face shoes depends on the activity you want them for. For walking or running, one of the best north shoes is the Single Track shoe for both men and women and this north shoe is listed as an athlete pick on The North Face website. If you want to go for lounging, try The North Face Base Camp Flip-Flops that provide excellent support plus, they are waterproof.


One of the best north shoes is the North Face Baltoro 400 II Winter Boots. Similarly, if you want to go on urban treks, you'll want more cushioning. Shoes without a proper arch support or weatherproofing cause problems and discomfort. To find the north shoe that fits best, try out a few different options, test out the arch support in each and understand what types of terrain your shoes will be covering.

The only main problem with The North Face shoes is the high price. Many of The North Face shoes cost over $100, which mostly people do not prefer to pay for just shoes, especially if they are the non-athletic styles.

Another issue that is noticed in these north shoes is that they are often designed more for use than style, which equates to a somewhat ugly shoe line. Their shoes consistently receive high reviews on most retailer and reviewer websites.

The North Face has stores present all over the country, as well as locations around the world. They also have an online retail center, and North Face shoes are available in other online sports shops such as the Sierra Trading Post or

Prices vary depending on the type, style and the purpose for which the shoe is used. Recent records show that good running shoes run between $80 to $120. A hiking boot starts at around $120 and runs up to $200. Sandals for river-running and kayaking hover around $60.The North Face offers a limited one-year warranty on all footwear.

A facility that this company provides for its north shoes is that if they fail or fall apart due to some manufacturing problem or a problem with the materials, the North Face will repair or replace them at no cost. Ask a sales attendant at point of purchase for the form to ship damaged products back to The North Face headquarters. Also, warranties dont coverage purchases made in North Face outlet stores.