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Whether you live in America, the UK or vacation in Italy, France, China, or India or anywhere around the world, every country and every person has their own culture, their own traditions and their own clothing. You may know the Swiss to be infamous for their chocolate and their breathtaking scenic landscapes, but what you may not be aware of is that Switzerland does take great pride in their wooden craftsmanship of shoes. Till this very day, Swiss shoes have made their mark not only within their own Swiss community, but have become fashion statements and great accessories in various different countries across the globe.


Tradition has to begin somewhere, and in the case of Swiss shoes, known as Zoccoli Shoes, the use of cork, which was a very famous and commonly used material in the early 1700’s is still prominent in many fashion forward designs today. Although Zoccoli shoes are made in various different forms and designs today, where there are sandals, high heels, closed and open Zoccolis, the traditional historic Zoccolli shoes were open wooden flat shoes that were commonly worn inside and outside of Switzerland. However today, the wooden cork shoes have transformed into modern fashionable accessories predominantly worn in the summer season.


Whether you’re a young 10 year old girl, or a 70 year old woman in need of comfort and fashion, these traditional Swiss shoes will guarantee both comfort and aesthetics. Designers all across the world have derived the concept of wooden shoes from these traditional Swiss shoes which have greatly altered their shape and appearance from the original open flat wooden shoes that once were Switzerland’s trademark in the shoe industry. Today, many designers use the wooden cork material to create high heeled glamorous shoes fit for parties and evenings out. Additionally, you will easily find various comfortable shoes in children’s sizes that mirror the Swiss sho es. These often have a very slight heel, and are very durable and relaxing also, and can be used for both children and the elderly also. When it comes to the idea of having these Zoccoli Swiss shoes inspired designs for the masculine gender, there are only a few designs that you will find that are fit for men to wear today. Traditionally Zoccoli Swiss shoes were worn by both men and women alike. However today, as those traditional designs have become redundant, higher heeled and more fashion forward designs have taken their place and therefore those traditional Swiss shoes have now become more restricted to the female gender.

Tips and comments

The Swiss have always had a flair for producing high quality products whether it is food, fashion, or accessories. Therefore, these zoccoli traditional Swiss shoes have proven themselves to be consumer favourites, as they will allow you to walk for miles without having cuts and blisters on the bottoms of your feet. When looking for Zoccoli Swiss shoes, you will be happy to find a large array of different colours and designs, and so find what suits you best, and always remember that fashion and looking good can indeed be comfortable, but be prepared to invest a substantial amount of money for these Swiss shoes that guarantee high quality and durability also

By Sultan Khan, published at 04/02/2012
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