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Finding the Right Dog Shoes

Published at 04/02/2012 15:24:37


Most dogs are not going to be thrilled if you try to put on a pair of dog shoes on them. Dogs are just not meant to wear shoes, even though we as dog owners just love the cute look. Dog shoes do hold a purpose, but most dog shoes today are crafted for the cute look and not for function. If you are truly wanting to protect your dog's feet from the heat of asphalt, you can buy dog shoes that will truly function in that capacity. If you are just looking for cute dog shoes to aggravate your pooch with, you will find a plethora of doggie designs to satisfy your dog shoes fancy. Keep in mind that your dog may not take a liking to the shoes that you slap on his doggie paws. Often when dogs are given shoes to wear, they find that they cannot properly walk and it takes some getting used to for them not to do that funny high step walk that you see when a dog first starts wearing shoes. If you truly plan on your dog wearing shoes often, it helps to get them started when they are very young.

Dog Shoe Tips

It is important when you are choosing dog shoes that you remember to keep your dog in mind. Make sure that you size the shoes correctly and don't try to make them wear shoes that do not fit. If your dog is wearing the wrong size of shoes, they can be unstable on their feet and this can lead to injury. It is best to try on the shoes and give your dog time to become accustomed to them before you set out on a long walk outside. Work with your dog for short intervals of time to give them plenty of time to adjust to this foreign object on their paws. Make sure that you give them plenty of space and don't frighten them with the aspect of putting shoes on. If your dog truly fights against you putting them on, give him time and try again when he is more relaxed. Offer a treat to help keep him calm and stroke his fur as you put on each shoe. This will keep him relaxed so that you do not have a hard time putting the shoes on.


Make sure that you choose dog shoes that your dog will actually be able to wear. Many owners buy outrageous shoes and put them on their dogs and watch as the dog just lies there not even being able to walk. What looks cute to you might not function well as true dog shoes, so make sure that you buy from a good dog she dealer. Just because the pair looks cute, doesn't mean that your dog will be able to walk in them. Make sure that you keep your dog's comfort in mind when you are making a decision on dog shoes. If your pooch doesn't feel comfortable in the shoes, he will just sit there and not walk and you will have wasted the money you just spent on his dog shoes.

Tips and comments

  • Choose for comfort.
  • Get the right size.
  • Work with your dog slowly.