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How To Choose Team Baseball Shoes

Published at 04/03/2012 22:42:22


You have to know what to look for when you go out to buy team baseball shoes. There is one factor that often gets completely ignored while there is much attention paid on name, brands and style. That one factor you have to consider is the actual types of cleats the team should be wearing and the color that will match the team’s uniform.

Cleats are protrusions or studs on the sole of a shoe. The cleats give that additional traction on a slippery and a soft surface. They are also known as spikes. They can be made of rubber or metal. The spikes will be rectangular in size. Rubber cleats include grooves in the middle of the sole. Metal spikes include thin pieces of metal to make it easy to dig into sand or grass to increase the traction. The metal cleats on the baseball shoes are particularly aggressive and they work well in environments like most of the major parks where league baseball is played.


Step 1

Durable and soft leather was the preferred choice for baseball shoes in the late nineteenth century. Artificial turf has come into prominence since the last four decades on baseball fields and the modifications to baseball shoes have become essential. Detachable spikes gained popularity for a short while as they helped the team players to avoid slipping but they were banned in 1976 on account of faulty detachments and injuries.

Step 2

In the earlier part of the last century, baseball shoes were mostly black in color. In the nineteen sixties, the Kansas City Athletics started wearing revolutionary white shoes. Oakland followed suit. Now, teams are wearing multi-colored cleats to match their team colors.

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If your team is playing on hard surfaces, then turf baseball shoes could be taken into consideration. You just cannot afford to make mistakes like playing with the wrong equipment when you speak of team baseball, whether it is in high school, college, minor or major league. A slight advantage with proper shoes makes all the difference between being selected for a team or perhaps sitting it out. Baseball shoes are a vital part of the equipment in the developmental stage of a team and they make the difference between making it to the next base in time and getting to that deep ball consistently while fielding. The turf baseball shoes are probably what your team should be wearing on their feet.

Step 4

Baseball shoes with cleats are designed to have the right kind of grip for artificial and hard surfaces. They will keep the team on their feet close to the ground while providing them maximum traction and minimal risk of injury. You can find turf baseball shoes in all sizes from several manufacturers such as Adidas and Nike. They come in flashy new colors and designs or you can even go for the old school and traditional styles.

Step 5

You have to be clear on what you need when it comes to team baseball shoes. Baseball cleats are extremely specific. You will need to know what is required most by the team and if there are any limitations that apply. For example, you may require metal baseball cleats specifically. You will have to look for rules that decide what material of cleats you may use along with any length specifications.


You will need to know also what colors or color schemes your team will be requiring. Sometimes, you may have to buy a specific model so that everything will match in your team outfit. You can start looking at the sporting goods stores and also try out the online retailers. The online retailers may be dicey, particularly when it comes to the matter of various sizes of baseball shoes for the team.