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5 Tips For Wearing Pump Shoes


Pump shoes are generally high heeled and need to be worn in a way that will not let your feet be hurt. You should also be able to walk comfortably while wearing the pump shoes. Ladies who don’t know how to wear them have hard time when walking and will usually hurt their feet. Women found the pump shoes superb fashion that gives them the style of the day. To prevent physical pain and hurting your feet, there is need to take some tips from this article on how to have the shoes comfortably fit you. In the long run if you don’t know the side effects and how to solve them, wearing pump shoes will bring a defect on your body with time.

Step 1

The first thing to do is visiting the professionals. You need a professional to help you in understanding you foot anatomy. This information can be got from websites through doing research. You have to take a keen process in the learning that will equip you with the side effects of wearing the pump shoes. By understanding the foot anatomy, the correct choice will be made in the selection of the correct pump shoes, which will not hurt your spine and heels.

Step 2

Secondly, take a measurement of your foot length including the height of the heel you would like to purchase. Having the right measurements will help you choose the correct size of pump shoes that will not cause any pain when you are wearing. If you have doubts with the length of your foot, just see a professional who will take the measurements for you. You can as well do it easier at home. After taking the measurement you can visit the pump shoes shop and have your size.

Step 3

When choosing the height of the pump shoes, you have to be careful. The height will depend on the foot size and also your height. If you are short then it is advisable that you purchase pump shoes with a small height and the vice versa is also true. Avoid very high heeled shoes that make you uncomfortable when walking. When you wear them do some exercise by walking around to determine the shoes comfortability.


When you are choosing pump shoes ensure that the heel can surely bear your weight too .Thin heels are not advisable as they can break anytime and leave you hurt .You can as well fall down and injure other parts of the body. To avoid this, choose a shoe that is strong and wide enough to support your weight.
It is good to change your pump shoes as soon as you can. Do not wear the same pair in and out of the week. It is good to keep on changing them from time to time. By doing so your feet will get used to the shoe and you will find it easier to wear pump shoes.

In addition it is advisable to wear stockings as a way of minimizing the pain on your feet. The stockings will keep the pain low as you stretch with the pump shoes.
When you are working in pump shoes for long, you may consider putting insoles to further cut the pain on the feet. When the pump shoes start wearing your feet in pin be careful and remove them for a moment. 

By Ali Muhammad Ali Butt, published at 04/03/2012
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5 Tips For Wearing Pump Shoes. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.