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5 Tips For Wearing Climbing Shoes

Published at 04/03/2012 18:55:56


Climbing shoes are recommended when walking on mountainous or hilly areas. Getting the right climbing shoes is not very easy and is some how challenging. Having the right shoe size will let you have easy time in selecting the most fitting shoe for your climbing needs. You have to realize that not all shoes can fit to be used as climbing shoes. Every shoe has its purpose, so the type of shoe will depend on the exact place that you want to use it.

Step 1

Different climbing shoes are suited to different forms of climbing .The right shoe that will give you the gear to climb will be determined by which type of climbing you want to do. Climbing may range from sport climbing to pitch climbing. The right climbing shoes will be determined by the climbing specification. Some climbing shoes which can do well during sport climbing may not be fit for pitch climbing. Be keen when you are choosing climbing shoes.

Step 2

Ensure that the specific shoe is designed for its climbing purpose. In bordering or sport climbing a down shoe is going to save you the hassle. You will find it easy climbing overhangs, using this type of sports shoe. The shoes should be tight and well fitting to facilitate this. For crack climbing you may be forced to consider buying big and flat shoes. They will make you ore comfortable. When choosing the climbing shoes for this purpose consider size as very important. This will avoid slipping when you are on sloppy grounds.

Step 3

For gym climbing, you really need a very comfortable shoe for the job. You are advised to go for a shoe that is cheaper and less tight. Do not go for the tight shoes if you are using them for the purpose of gym climbing. The Velcro shoes or the lace up shoes can seal the deal with much comfort on your feet. It is good also to choose a comfortable size.


Not too big or too small for your foot. This will make the walk so pleasant without complaints. If you choose very tight shoes you may not like it. Avoid shoes which will inflict pain on your feet as possible.

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Tightness is another factor to be put in consideration when buying climbing shoes. The shoes should be tight as possible .This will avoid slipping when climbing. More over ensure that your shoe is also roomy to make you comfortable during the clmb.On sporty climbs it is strictly recommended that you keep your climbing shoes as tight as you can. They should give your leg the most firm grip to enable you gear up easily during climbing. When the shoes are not tightly fitted,they can easily slip making you fall down and get injured as a result. At times when you are doing crack climbing, your climbing shoes should be loose. This will let you not hurt the leg or break it when you slip into a crack. Having free shoes when you slip into the crack can be easy to remove the but a shoe that is tight will stick and may break the leg when struggling to free your self. Ensure that your climbing shoes are of the correct size, give you the best stretch and are comfortable.