How To Match Your Belt To Shoes
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How To Match Your Belt To Shoes

Published at 04/04/2012 04:07:37


How To Match Your Belt To Shoes

There is a rule when it comes to men’s fashion, that belt should be matching with shoes and socks with pants. This is the rule which every man should apply to his dressing by which he will look very much well-dressed. Matching your belt with shoes does not mean that they should be of the exact same color of the belt, they just have to go together well, and they can be of the same material. Your shoes and belt should b matching as they give a neat look. If you are going for a job interview or your first day at office or a meeting it is important to work on your dressing especially the matching of your belt with your shoes.

Step 1

To match your belt and shoes does not mean necessarily wearing black shoes with black belt. You can wear reddish-brown pair of shoes with chestnut colored belt. In the same way you can wear brown shoes with brown leather belt which looks very elegant. Men who do not have a good quality belt or a belt of every color cannot be called a fashionable or a well-dressed man.

Step 2

It should be kept in mind that a dark colored belt never goes with light colored shoes. Like if you wear light brown shoes never even think of wearing a reddish brown belt. And black belt with brown shoes doesn’t go well together as well.

Step 3

People dress up according to the place they have to go. If you have to go somewhere professional you will have to strictly follow the above rules as only then you will have a serious gentleman look. If you are going to some party or somewhere else you can do some combinations only if you have the confidence to carry it.

Step 4

Most of the guys like to wear white shoes in summer. If you are wearing white shoes do not make the mistake of wearing a white belt with it. It will give an awful look. Match your belt with the color of your shirt like if you are wearing a grey or a brown shirt. Do not wear a black belt with white shoes as it will ruin the elegant look you will be having with the perfect shoes.

Step 5

You should not be getting an expensive leather belt or shoes to look tidy. If you want to look presentable and neat all you have to do is to wear the perfect combination and you will see yourself perfectly dressed. You can get your matching belts from a discount store.


How To Match Your Belt To Shoes

It’s very important for a man to look neat and professional so along with matching belt and shoes, try to match the buckle of your belt with the metal of your wrist watch. These are minor things but they over all give you a complete look. If your shoes and belt will match you will get a refined look. If your shoes and belt will not be matching t is noted immediately by everyone.

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