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The Best Types Of Jazz Shoes


There exist various kinds of dancing shoes. Shoes jazz are dancing shoes that are specifically made for Jazz dance. These shoes are also used in other dancing styles such as hip hop, rock ‘n’ roll as well as acro dance. Shoes jazz can also be used in acrobatics and aerobics.




Shoes jazz are worn by jazz dancers to enhance flexibility and comfort when performing the dance. The very first jazz shoes originated in America. In the 1900s, Joe Frisco who was a jazz dancer used leather shoes for the dancing. These shoes had short heels to enhance various styles in jazz dance. Over the years, some innovations have been made to shoes jazz. These include incorporation of ball bearings and steel shanks. All these are meant to make movements easy.


There are great choices of shoes jazz to choose from. This is mostly for the many designs in existence. These include those with high or low rise slips, the jazz sneakers with split soles as well as those with soles of rubber or suede. There is also shoes jazz with insoles made of mesh and some contain shock absorbers. All these designs are available for one to choose the best jazz shoe.

The best type of shoes jazz is one embracing the rubber sole technique. The sole of the shoe is of great significance. In most cases, the shoe’s sole is determined by the type of dance floor. Rubber sole jazz shoes are best when dancing on cement and wood floors. For marley floors, the best jazz shoe sole is the suede one. Therefore, one should make sure choosing a good sole to come up with the best jazz shoe for jazz dancing.

Comfort is the other key area to look at. The best type of shoes jazz thus is one that offers comfort when in it. At this point, one should check the shoe size that perfectly suits their feet. The right shoe size also allows jazz dancers to come up with the best performance. A comfortable jazz shoe also makes one enjoy the dance to their fullest.

The best type of shoes jazz should also be affordable. This is in terms of cost and price. This allows one save a lot for their dancing shoes. Jazz shoes vary in designs and types which translate to difference in prices. Therefore, one should always compare their prices in order to come up with the best type of shoes jazz for their dance. These shoes are also sold by online retailers. This gives one a great opportunity to compare various prices of available jazz dance shoes.

The best type of shoes jazz is one that goes with the dance style. Jazz dance involves various style of dancing. For each dance, there is the right shoe for it. This means that one should have several pairs of jazz shoes when performing different dance styles. In most cases, jazz teachers always recommend the best shoes for dancing especially for new learners. Some moves are difficult to make thus require recommendation from jazz teachers. In order to get the best shoes jazz, one should first try them out before buying.


By SAMUEL MUHIA, published at 04/05/2012
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