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5 Tips For Wearing Shoes With Fur

Published at 04/05/2012 23:04:21


Boots are both fashionable as well as functional additions to a stylish female’s wardrobe. They not only protect your feet from harsh weather conditions but also keep them warm during winters. You can choose different colored shoes to complement your dresses. There are different types of boots available at shoe stores. Most people prefer to purchase ankle boots, tall boots and shoes lined with fur. Each individual piece requires proper care and maintenance. In this article, we shall discuss about fur boots and how to care for shoes fur.

Fur lined footwear comes in different cuts, shapes and styles. It can be made up of faux fur or original animal fur. If proper care is taken, they can last longer than other cheap quality footwear. In case you own a pair of sandals lined with fur, you should be familiar with how to care for shoes fur.

Step 1

Check out these tips for help:
- In case your footwear is a combination of leather and animal shoes fur, you must spray the leather with waterproof protector, mink oil or beeswax to protect them from moisture during the monsoon season. Use designer cleaners manufactured by recognized brands like Kiwi. Make sure you don’t use spray on the fur part.

- If your fur is soiled in dirt or mud, you should immediately clean the wet fur and get rid of excess moisture. Dry it using a blotting paper or soft towel and let it dry under the sun. Don’t brush your shoes fur in moist condition else the fur can fall out. In case you’re experiencing problems while cleaning them, you can take them to a trusted specialist.

- If the boots are quoted with dust, you can simply tap the treads to remove it. Trapped dirty chunks can be removed using a soft brush or nail file. You can use a hard bristle brush to make the soles dust free. Don’t use this hard bristle brush on shoes fur else you’ll damage this delicate material. Make sure you brush in a single direction.

- Oil or grease stains are common problems that can leave a permanent mark behind. Use talcum powder or buff cornmeal to minimize these spots.

- You can use upholstery cleaners for keeping your shoes fur spot-free and shiny. However, avoid soaking your shoes in a cleaning agent. In case you’ve sprayed an excess amount of cleaner, you can remove it using a brush.


Once your footwear is thoroughly cleaned, you can dry them using a hair dryer. Please ensure that you maintain a distance of at least 6 inches between the drying machine and your shoes else the delicate fibers will get damaged because of excess heat.

Brush your shoes fur at least twice a week. Don’t pull it hard and be extra gentle while untangling the fur. You can use your fingers to untangle difficult knots before using a comb on it.

If you keep these guidelines in mind, you keep your shoes fur clean for a longer time period. This will make your shoes last longer.