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The Best Shoes At Lord & Taylor

Published at 04/06/2012 03:08:34


Lord & Taylor Shoes is one of the most old and famous chain of department stores from the United States of America and consists of 47 shops situated in the eastern side of the country. They are well known for their seriousness with clients and attention to their product’s details, these being the two main reasons for the company’s survival on the market for so long a period. There are harsh times nowadays, and the fight for survival made them one of the best in the clothing market. They succeeded in doing this by diversifying their services in this branch and with the overwhelming role of Taylor Shoes. Offer $2,000 to a girl from the eastern coast of the United States and ask about where she will spend the money. Her answer will be for sure: a Taylor Shoes store.

The Innovative Inventory

A common problem which often appears in every shoes store is sold-out products and the incapability to replace them on time on the shelves. This is due to the fact that in large stores such as Taylor Shoes, the process of verifying and replacing sold products could be very difficult because of the large amount of shoes. Because of its significant increase in sales, this brand thought that it would need a change in handling this process. As a consequence, the firm adopted a new technology consisting in replacing the shoes on the displays with the help of radio frequency identification. This revolutionary method prevents shelves tfrom becoming empty without being filled again. It really is a manner to keep your clients always satisfied and not forget to expose a new pair of shoes.

Mega Shoe Promotions

A unique feature of this famous chain of stores is that every year in March, there is a fixed period of two days when both men and women are invited to buy everything at half price. It may sound as something ordinary in every period of discounts all over the globe, but the reality is far to be reached. The secret consists in the prices. Let’s take a pair of woman shoes which costs one hundred dollars in an ordinary shoe store and compare it with the Taylor Shoes of one thousand dollars a pair. The differences are easy to be noticed and that is why this two days period could be considered a unique feature of this brand.

Stars are blind

When it comes to shopping, most women would let any activity wait and proceed and scour the stores. It is well known that in every corner of the world, rich women are satisfying all their trifles in shopping especially when they go for shoe hunting. It is the case of some very famous actresses and pop-stars who are well known for their obsessive passion for Taylor Shoes. Sometimes, while they are visiting the famous shoes brand, they pay enormous amounts of money to keep the store opened just for them and not letting anyone else inside. As a conclusion, stars can be blind when it comes to shoes.