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Nine West: Shoes & Handbags For Women


Nine West Shoes have been a staple to the fashonable women for many years. These shoes are known for their versatility, fashion sense and their durability. There are many ways to obtain these types of shoes. There are Nine West Stores in malls. There are also outlets that one could find a decent pair of shoes for a cheaper price. Nine West also offers a customer service line that one can call to order the exact pair of shoes that you want if it is not available in the store that you visit. There are many possibilities when you are dealing with Nine West products.


Not only does Nine West sell shoes for the discerning women, but the company also sells handbags and other fashion accessories. Nine West was founded in 1977 and was then acquired by Jones Apparel Group in 1999. This acquisition enabled Nine West to expand on its product line. Now customers can basically have a one stop shop for all their apparel needs. Nine West distributes products through several retail channels including their own stores, in department stores and other retail outlets as well as online. Online shopping has become even more popular than it once was. This allows customers who do not live near an outlet to shop and get the products that they desire.


Nine West shoes and handbags are always on the cutting edge of fashion. Many times customers will come into the store or outlet and select their handbag and their shoes first. Then the same customer will go on from there to choose the actual outfit. The company prides itself on it fashion sense but it also prides itself on its durability and ability to please the masses. Each store not only sells to the young customer, but the store also sells products to the middle age and of course the elderly. Many customers can come to Nine West and find products that can not be found elsewhere. Dancing shoes have a special sole, Older citizens need certain supports. People with wide feet or very long feet need a specialty customer based store such as Nine West. This company has the ability to buy or make a product in mass quantities thus allowing for reasonable prices for thier customers. This is always a plus in this economy.

Tips and comments

The best thing to do when you go into a Nine West Shoes and Handbag store is to seek the help of an associate. These associates are well trained and will be able to help someone pick out the perfect match. In each store, there are multiple associates that can help measure a person so that he or she can get the correct size. If the size is not available at the store, the associate is able to phone other places that may be able to ship them to the customer. The outlet stores usually have either last year's styles or possibly slight imperfections available for a lesser cost. Sometimes the stores will have both. Whichever way a person chooses to shop, Nine West Shoes and Handbags will be a wise choice .

By Elizabeth Zeigler, published at 05/11/2012
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Nine West: Shoes & Handbags For Women. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.