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About Style in Tropical Locations

Published at 03/03/2012 18:22:22

A few facts about The Tropics

If you think about the tropics, you will instantly get a certain picture in your head which includes clear blue skies, breathtaking beaches with clear, warm water and fine sand, maybe even some palm trees here and there. These beautiful places have always been a popular choice for people who wanted to escape the crowded cities and enjoy the amazing landscapes without any worry in the world. Whether you’re packing up for Fiji Islands, Hawaii, Singapore or Puerto Rico for example, you are probably wondering which clothes you should take with you or maybe even purchase for this special occasion.

How women dress at the Tropics

The style in this part of the world is in direct connection with the warm and friendly climate. Women have a variety of beautiful dresses to choose from, the majority of them being based on flower or palm tree patterns. The most important characteristic of style in Tropics is represented by bright and vivid colors, including red, blue, green, yellow or pink. Halter dresses that are made out of cotton, falling loosely on your body are the trademark of the style in any of the islands that are part of the Tropics.

Halter dresses that get tied at the back of your head in the same way as bathing suits represent other elements which you can decide on for your style in any of the countries that are found in this warm climate. This type of gowns fall down until your legs, the chest area being the one that stands out the most because there are a few folds created out of the material, supporting this region of your body. As a matter of fact, the upper part of these dresses looks exactly like the one of a bathing suit and the lower one like a gown that covers the rest of your body.

How men dress at the Tropics

The style in the tropic side of the world available for men may actually be the most varied one out of any other men fashion trends available. The reason is the fact that there are the same elements as in the clothes which women wear at the tropics. Therefore, men can also wear outfits which include lively and attractive colors based on the same shades as the one for women. If a guy who wears a bright orange shirt with flower patterns may be considered weird in another side of the world, if you wear this in Hawaii or Fiji, you will definitely blend in with the rest of the locals. Except the colored shirts, the style in the warmest places in the world also includes shorts for men, which of course match the upper piece that you wear, whether it is a T-shirt or a simple shirt. This is why the main tendency of the style in the tropics consists in casual outfits that are made out of light and cool materials that are meant to provide you not only with a trendy and attractive look, but also with a sense of comfort.