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Recipes For American Style Barbecue


Who doesn’t love good food? When it comes to having a good time, socializing with people and having good food, the best thing to do is to have style American barbeque. All you need is a barbeque stove, steaks and a couple of people. That’s all you need and you have style American barbeque. Some people like to have barbeque on a weekend, just to have a break from their working days. Others do it to socialize with their neighbors, or bring friends and family together. A barbeque can be cost saving if you’re looking to throw a party. All you need to know is how to cook style American barbeque, and master its recipes.


The word barbeque comes from the West Indian term ‘barbacoa’, which mean slow cooking meat over hot coals. The history of barbeque in America goes back to the pre-Civil War time. This was the time when the pig was a very convenient staple food in the South. Pigs, unlike cattle, were low maintenance. They were low maintenance because they could fend for themselves. Later these same pigs were turned into barbeque when the crowd came back from the battle, all hungry. Even though those wild pigs were much tougher than the modern pigs, it still started the tradition of barbeque in America, and it has become a part of the American culture. The pigs were slaughtered and cooked for barbeque. At times the entire neighborhood would get involved, and compete for the best barbeque recipe, or whose pig would taste the best. This gave birth to the style American barbeque. Later in the 1990s, barbeque was also used in political rallies and church picnics, as it was a great way of bringing people together. Nowadays, even competition for best barbeque recipes are also carried out. America today has all sorts of barbeque restaurants, with all sorts of different recipes.


There are various types of style American barbeque recipes. But barbeque usually involve cooking meat at low temperatures for long periods of time. There are various recipes available and all of them have a unique taste and touch to it. Some of them are Dry spicy barbecue rub, Korean BBQ Chicken Marinade; BBQ Beef rub and Barbecue baby back again ribs. The most traditional recipe is that of tomato sauce. Various experimentations can be done by mixing different flavors like strawberries, apples, honey, raspberries, etc. to form a new flavor. The basic elements used in all recipes are basic spices and typical veggies. Barbeque Spare Ribs are a classical style American meal, created from pork. Another of the most popular style American barbeque recipe is that of the Texas classic beef brisket recipe. Caroline’s Meat Rubs is another of the most popular recipes. Other recipes include barbeque salmon with basil, barbeque pork tenderloin, golden barbeque salmon steaks, etc.

Tips and comments

Other than having a good style American recipe for your barbeque, it’s really important that you associate the fun part that is related to while cooking. And the best way is to gather a lot of friends and family members. Also, take advantage of the warmer climate, or even a breezy one. Decorate your backyard, and serve drinks too with your barbeque meat. Moreover, experiment with all recipes available. And try every single one on every other weekend.

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