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Every morning you aim to look beautiful, fashionable, and trendy. Wearing expensive attires each day is not feasible for everyone so here we provide you with the suitable options and everything that is needed for your style to your trendy appearance.

Fashion has always been a necessity since the olden days. However now more emphasis is laid on it as it gives the person a modern sense as to how to aim for style to gain a lot of confidence also.

You need to have a variety of skirts, and shorts in your wardrobe. Short skirts should be in light, neutral shades, they may have tribal prints. They can be paired with wedges, sandals or even flip flops. Coming to shorts, they can be in the faded denim material or any other fabric. Another essential item when referring to bottoms are the skinny jeans as they are an excellent pass for formal or casual events they can be easily worn in shades of blue that are even slightly darker. If you require the jeans to be over your shoes then wear them with a flared leg. If you want a tighter effect on your legs, always go for jeggings.

Keep a pair of capris for the casual look, a pair either in the neutral color or dark blue is a good choice. you piece of good news for you all is that tank tops and t-shirts are you item that never go out of fashion or style. teens just need to wear tanks without layers in any fabric it can have any graphic design on top. Ruffled tops are also a good buy as they are lightweight. They can always be layered with a tank top as they tend to go well with wedges plus a pair of skinny jeans.

Baby doll tops also carry a style to image that can be smartly paired with pajama tops. Poncho tops are an excellent choice too as they have a lot of space and are often available in off the shoulder as well. Another really important accessory are the shoes the athletic converse style shoe is in a lot of fashion these days. These can always be paired with a pair of skinny jeans or a pair of shorts. Flip flops are you thing that can be worn with anything starting from dresses to shorts. The best point about them is that they come in a multitude of shades and are a cheap buy. However, if you want go for something that is a little more formal or dressier you can always go for a pair of flat sandals. The ultra high heels pumps are an excellent combination with skinny jeans obviously for a formal event.

Tips and comments

Accessories are an essential style to they include jewellery, clutches, bags and scarves. For example, a plain shirt with a long chain with denim paired with a belt on the waist with a pair of flats or boots is an excellent teenage look. Scarves can be made out of wool, cotton or even silk materials and can been worn according to the occasion. For example here is a useful tip wear a cotton scarf on hot days but carry a shawl for the chilly days. Following, these few simple tips you have a ready to go a complete style to look for all occasions.

By Amara, published at 03/07/2012
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