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How To Determine Your Style And Personality


Do you find it hard to determine what your style and true personality is? Are you easily influenced by the way your friends act and dress? Finding your own personality and style can be a bit tricky if you are used to going with the flow, but it is never too late to just be yourself. These simple tips will help you discover whom you really are and how to dress with your own style and personality.

Step 1

Take a quiz or two

If you unsure on your true style and personality, take a few online quizzes or look for some in fashion magazines. Quizzes can help you realize your true self and help you find the right style to go with your own unique personality. Even if you think the results are wrong, they can give you something to play with and to think about the next time you are out shopping.

Step 2

Make a list

If you really want to know who you are, makes lists of your favorite things. Writing down exactly what you like in music, clothing, colors, TV, and any other things you like is the perfect way to figure out your personality and ultimately your style attitude. Do not worry if your likes and dislikes are all over the place or contradict each other, that is what makes you unique.

Step 3

Get a new hairstyle

The easiest way to stand out is to get a hairstyle that suits who you are as well as the shape of your face. Go over magazines or look online at a variety of different hairstyles that fit your face shape. Do not look at the style names of the haircut you are choosing, focus on the cut itself and how it makes you look. Afterwards you can look up your style and see whether it fits a certain style and personality.

Step 4

Look at trends and styles

Go through a fashion magazine or look at online fashion sites at the different trends and styles in clothing. Look at the pieces that you really like, do not worry about whether they fit a certain trend, as you can mix and match styles to come up with your own style and personality type. There are no rules that you must like all one style or trend, you can wear them together.

Step 5

Research different styles

If you really want to put a label to your style and the personality that goes with it, then do a bit of research on the different styles. Knowing the names of different styles will help you decide if you fit into any one category or are combination of two or more.

Styles you may want to look at:

  • Classic
  • Contemporary
  • Punk
  • Conservative
  • Romantic
  • Dramatic
  • Creative


Don’t get stuck on style and personality when choosing your clothes. Sometimes the best outfit is one that is the exact opposite of your usual style.

As you get older, your style and your personality are likely to change. Do not be afraid to try new styles are you get older.

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By Lucy Beam, published at 03/07/2012
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