Advantages Of Cord Banking
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Advantages Of Cord Banking

Published at 01/04/2012 12:22:40


Advantages Of Cord Banking

Cord Banking is the storage of umbilical cord for the transfusion of blood for any future use. It is the best way to donate blood and can be easily used in future for patients in the hour of need. It can help in saving many lives. Cord Banking is way better than a bone marrow transplant. There are two types of cord banks. One is the public bank that does not keep any track of donors when it stores the cord in the banks and even the donor cannot find its own donation in future if he/she needs to use it. Whereas in private banks, they keep all the information of the donor so even if the donor or his/her relative wants it (commonly siblings) in future, they can track it within no time.



Advantages Of Cord Banking

Cord banks were developed in 1990s for the transfusion of blood for treating many diseases and immune systems. Where a bone marrow transplant is often not successful and it is really hard to find a perfect donor or a match, cord banking does not require a 100 percent match and can be more easily transplanted. Donors can even donate the cord in the bank to keep it safe just in case they might need it in future.



Advantages Of Cord Banking

There are a number of advantages of cord banking. First and foremost is that its collection is very easy. Often the parents come themselves for the donation so that it can be used in future for their child. It possesses no threats and risks for a mother or any new born if they are the recipients. The collection is always started in advance. It is then tested in the laboratories. Later, it is stored in a frozen state for future use. Another advantage is that it does not require a perfect match. It can even be transplanted if the donor and recipient match partially. So it is much easier to find a donor in cord blood banks. One of the big advantages is that there are very less chances of GVHD (Graft-Versus-Host Disease). This is the disease that is caused by the immune cells of the donor in the patient’s body. The immune tissues of the donor can attack the immune tissues of the patient. The cord blood stem cells are immature and have better tolerance. Moreover, blood transfusion through cord does not even transmit viruses in the recipient’s body. It can also relieve the patients from buying syringes that always have the threat of diseases being transferred. It is also a more natural way to tranfuse blood. So, for all those ambassadors of nature, this way makes for the best possible, natural way.

Tips and comments

A lot of lives can be saved everyday by the use of cord banking. The donors themselves can use their own cord in future and it could benefit many of their own relatives also. No one amongst us knows what’s going to happen in future so why not prepare yourselves for any mishaps or secure your baby’s future? If none of these, it might just help a needy person in the hour of emergency.



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