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A Perfect Way To Protect Your Future Cord Banking


Currently, there are two main methods used by the cord banking companies to gather and to conserve the stem cells from the cord of the child.Conserving the tissues for ulterior usage is the simplest one, as the cultures will be used later to produce therapy products that could be applied with patients.


 The second method is a new cord banking procedure that is based on dividing the cord cells using cellular culture methods that are used later for therapies.

The cord tissue must be stored in situ (chopped). The main disadvantage of this approach is the reduced reliability of the stem organs, as the conserving substance doesn’t penetrate the tissue enough, leaving the surface cells vulnerable to the low temperatures.

The second approach implies to produce the therapy products in the laboratory by cultivating the tissue from the cord, and also by cropping and conserving the cells. The cord banking companies offering such services try to avoid this method, as the researches showed that certain characteristics of the cells are affected during the process, and it is even possible for the MSC cells to lose a part of their healing potential. The technology might be useful for the future, but for now, the traditional methods must be used.

The research departments of the cord blood banking companies collaborate with reputed institutes specialized in biotechnologies, developing a protocol to conserve and to use the tissues cropped from the cord. The cord tissue is split into two substances: the Wharton gel and the vascular tissue that contains the stem cells.



 The protocol of the specialized companies is based on the next principles:

-          the two types of stem cells that are obtained from the cord must be split

-          The stem cells must be stored in their purest form, ready to be used and manipulated using the techniques of the future to create a product of cellular therapy, so the obtained substance could be used whenever it is necessary.

-          The cells must be moved only if necessary, and the chemical substances and enzymes must be avoided in any case. This way, the primary character of the cells is maintained.  

-          It is important to avoid the common techniques to handle the cells, as there is a chance for the properties of the cells to be modified. The science of today is not capable of handling the cells effectively, but people prefer to store the stem cells using cord banking, as the discoveries of the future will make them useful for future usage.

-          It is recommended to avoid using the common technologies to cultivate the cells, as manufacturing a therapy product is hard with the techniques we have today. It is also important to avoid animal cultures and other methods to modify the genetic material, considering that the material could be altered with some dangerous diseases.

Tips and comments

As a responsible parent, you might consider cord banking for your child. Even if the cells are not useful now, and you will have to pay some good money for storage, if your child gets sick later, those cells might prove crucial in treating the respective diseases.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 12/30/2011
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A Perfect Way To Protect Your Future Cord Banking. 5 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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