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Ethical Discussions On Cord Banking

Published at 12/26/2011 17:29:08


The mission of the banking cord companies and clinics is to combine the offer and demand for cord blood, using a common inventory under the form of a global platform used to allot the transplants. The companies of this kind must promote storing cord blood of high quality based on the highest standards. The same companies are also the promoters of studies in this medical area as well as the sustainers of laboratories, and as we are talking about a relatively new medical niche, we can understand why sometimes those services are so expensive. On the other hand, using the placenta blood will be common in the near future, so the efforts are clearly justified.


Initially, laboratories and specialists in this field neglected the importance of placenta blood, as it was considered just as a caprice of theHollywoodstars. The companies that had the courage to invest in those researches made some important discoveries, and now the transfusions and the biological therapies based on this substance are common. 


The studies are now concentrated on improving the effectiveness of those treatments, as the demand for cord blood is higher than the offer. Banking cord is considered a great market for those transplants, but it will take a while until everybody that needs those kinds of medical treatments will be satisfied. There are some programs designed to optimize the comfort and the safety of the patients and doctors, and we can expect important discoveries in this area in the near future.


The banking cord programs intend to improve the quality and the safety of collecting, processing, testing and distributing the cord blood and the additional products. The programs analyze the quality of the operating systems in the designed units. The base for those researches includes respecting the standards, the medical code and the governmental laws in this medical area, offering maximum satisfaction to the clients.


Analyzing the independence of the operations within a unit will help the unit to prepare for other inspections, representing a valuable instrument to improve the conformity and the effectiveness of the operations. Each banking cord unit has to be3 approved by the authorities, and the activities must be conducted only by authorized personnel.

Tips and comments

In each country where the cord banking activity is regulated, the clinics that want to conduct such operations must be approved by the local authorities, and the regulations are sometimes really strict. The management system must comply with the regulations also, and without some reputed and experienced doctors, opening such a unit will not be possible. In other words, a company if this kind must be created by authorized personnel, offering care for the patients and the quality of the treatment. Moreover, the clinic must also invest in research, improving the results of treatments offered and the quality of services offered to the clients.


The most important substance obtained from cord blood is the Stern cellular substance. Those cells have the capacity to transform into highly specialized cells that could form any kind of tissue or organ from the body. The importance of cord blood results from this capacity to develop practically any kind of cell, being of massive importance for the medicine of the future.  





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