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Worst Jobs In Banking

Published at 12/24/2011 16:21:02

The Bank is always actively involved in financial sector restructuring and regulatory work, continuing to help nations move towards market-based economies through financial sector restructuring, infrastructure development, privatization and regulation. Banking Jobs involve a varied list starting from the most influential to the least. This is roughly how it goes: The marketing executive, Operations Manager, Branch Manager, Trainee Officer, Intern, Receptionist, etc. In order to work at a banking institution one should have a fair amount of knowledge as to how the operations of finance are carried about. Moreover, the person should be familiar with the environment of a bank. This is handling money we are talking about. This money belongs to people who trust the bank with it. Therefore, it is the responsibility of those working at the bank to move it around with responsibility. Global networks of the leading experts in every field identify women and men whose experience, knowledge, and talents contribute to improving the quality of life in developing countries.

Keeping these things in mind, jobs at banks are given away according to the knowledge one has of his or her field. For example, the marketing executive should be well groomed, have excellent communication skills and a specific degree in finance. Money is supposed to be managed very carefully in banking institutions and this requires the presence of a qualified team. Below are some of the top notch jobs provided by banks.

The Investment Analyst researches financial information about companies and gives this information to fund managers to help them manage portfolios. This will involve analyzing information, meeting with company representatives to question them about the finance of the company, checking for political, economic and business developments that may influence the financial markets and producing reports. The Stockbroker looks after institutional, corporate or private clients’ investment portfolios and buys and sells shares on the stock exchange to give the maximum return. He may also deal with securities, money and financial products. The stockbroker works in a team with investment analysts, researches information about equities and advises clients. The Financial Analyst carries out primary research on financial institutions (banks & insurance companies) in several countries, manages research projects from conception to delivery, reads financial press, visits city business libraries and other online sources and designs spreadsheet based models. The worst job in banking, according to bank tellers, is that of a bank teller. A bank teller is an employee of a bank who deals directly with most customers. In some places, this employee is known as a cashier. Most bank teller jobs require a high school diploma and include training on the job. Tellers are the “front line” in the banking business. This is because they are the first people that a customer sees at the bank and are also the people most likely to detect and stop fraudulent transactions in order to prevent losses at the bank. The usual apprehension of such a job is, of course, the possibility of a robbery. They learn how to watch for signs that someone might be doing something illegal and how to spot counterfeit money. What they are not prepared for is the awful abuse tellers put up with everyday. This abusive nature of the customers surfaces when they are asked by the bank tellers for IDs and other documentation in order to confirm that the information they are dealing with is authentic. 

Tips and comments:

In general, Swiss banking is preferred to any other in the world, while Italian banking is nearly despised. This statement is confirmed by the saying: “In Heaven, the cooks are French, the policemen English, the mechanics German, the lovers Italian and the bankers Swiss. In Hell, the cooks are English, the policemen German, the mechanics French, the lovers Swiss and the bankers Italian”.


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