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Published at 07/14/2011 11:53:56

Due to recession several people lost their jobs and their career was in turmoil. Almost every job sector was affected due to recession but banking is one sector where there was no shortage of jobs. Globally there was very marginal fall in banking jobs due to recession. In banking sector many jobs are created on daily basis and there are many banks which have number of vacancies for different roles. Jobs in banking sector are the preferred choice of many jobseekers because banking jobs are less stressful and more lucrative as far as salary is concerned plus these jobs don’t require traveling either.

Most jobs in banking are not target oriented hence these are much safer and easy to retain then jobs which are target oriented, for example - marketing and sales jobs. These days’ banks also have marketing and sales jobs but vacancies for such positions are limited especially in branch banking.

There are entry and middle level management as well as clerical jobs in banks. There are also jobs in accountancy and in cash management. Most banks have rotation of role policy so that each and every employee gets experience of each and every designation in a banking setup such rotation helps because each employee gains valuable experience and with time everyone has chance to move up the ladder up to the post of manager by clearing various exams conducted by the bank.

Jobs in banking sector are not easy to get because every bank has their own selection procedure and there are too many candidates vying for few job vacancy. For trainee as well as management jobs multi-national banks hire only those candidates who have international certification while government banks follow their own exam system.

In most private banks vacancies are filled through entrance test and HR round while in some private banks vacancies are filled through HR consultants. For accountancy jobs all banks prefer candidates who have international chartered accountancy certification. Similar is the case for taxation jobs.

Commerce graduates can get into a banking job but for that one has to clear the competitive exams conducted by the banks. There are also technical jobs in various banks for which banks generally hire technical experts. Due to core banking all banks are now more depended on technology hence they have their own servers and network which means that it is essential for them to have employees with technical background.

Now-a-days there are many technical jobs in banking sector. Banks have large database hence they need database professionals to handle all database software. Banks also hire hardware and networking professionals for round the clock monitoring of their networks and computer systems. There are many banks which outsource their technical jobs to IT companies who have expertise in IT domain related to banking.

Tips and comments:

Jobs in banking are very safe and high paying. These jobs are less stressful and do not require traveling that’s why most jobseekers look for banking jobs. It is highly recommended to take a bank job because it gives you job security as well as fast growth opportunity. Banking jobs provide you job satisfaction which is difficult to get in other sectors.


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