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Military Cord Blood Banking

Published at 07/17/2011 11:23:38

 The men and women in the military are our unsung heroes. They provide us with security and defend our right to democracy. As a reward for their bravery, certain cord blood banks offer discounts for military banking of cord blood. This applies to active-duty families (army, navy, marines or coast guard), families of reserves and veterans as well. They require this investment because of the potential hazards that come with their job.

 Cord blood is collected from the fetal end of the umbilical cord after it is severed from then newborn. A special kit is needed to extract the fluid. This kit has to be order long before the procedure. The cord and the placenta as taken to the cord blood bank in an effort to collect as much of stem cells and RBC as possible.

This type of transplant can help treat a wide range of diseases. It has a lower HLA requirement in comparison to bone marrow. Cord blood only requires a 4/6 whereas bone marrow needs a 6/6 match. This means that more people can benefit from the stored fluid. People of the same ethnic groups have a high chance at matching, even if the donor and patient are not related.

New research has shown that mesenchymal stem cells that are found in Wharton’s jelly may cure other serious diseases like cartilage degeneration and lung cancer. These studies were conducted on cord blood of animal origin. If these studies show a good rate of recovery, it may be tested on human cord blood. These new advances in science are another reason why most families are opting to undergo this procedure.

 Military families pay about $500 to 600 for cord blood collection. Some cord blood banks allow them to set up virtual baby showers. This works by allowing friends and relatives to donate money to cover the collection cost. The registry expires when the blood is collected and the family pays off the remaining balance.

These banks also offer a wide range of payment schemes to choose from. Longer time frames usually require a credit check and have an interest rate. Some insurance companies help cover the expenses of this venture. Contact your agency to find out if this process is covered by your insurance.

Families need to shell out $ 100 to 150 a year for storage fees. Although certain cord blood facilities waive the fee if you refer a friend. Each referral equals a free year of storage. This is a great way to cut maintenance expenses out of your annual budget.

Tips and comments:

 Cord blood banking is an investment. Military personnel are lucky to be able to avail of the process for a lot less than what civilians have to pay. This makes it easier on the budget and so much more attainable. With the risk factors involved in their daily life, cord blood is the safest way to ensure that their families are protected from potential fatal illnesses in the future.


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