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How Much Does A Banking Cord Blood Cost?

 Cord blood banking is a process that involves the collection and storage of fluid from the umbilical cord. It undergoes strict testing procedures for virulent factors like HIV, Hepatitis B or C. This makes it a safe source for transplants. Studies have shown it can cure a great number of diseases. So how much does blood cord banking cost?

 The collection of the substance is done right after the umbilical cord is severed from the baby. The placenta and the umbilical cord are drained of the essential cells by way of a special kit that has to be ordered a considerable amount of time before the delivery date. The process of collection has a price range of $ 1000 – 2000 for civilians and $ 500 - 600 for military families. This includes the viral testing and tissue typing procedures.

Before you balk at the amount, keep in mind that most companies can set you up with a virtual baby shower. Your friends and relatives will be able to donate money for the procedure. This registry will close when the baby is delivered. The couple will then have to settle the remaining balance.

Aside from the collection cost, there is the storage fee to consider. It is charged annually and it goes to the maintenance of the cord blood. Most cord blood banks give you a free year of storage for every referral made.  

Tips and comments:

 This procedure should be considered by those expecting a child. It is safe and a great way to ensure that your offspring has the proper ammunition to battle life-threatening illnesses. Cord blood banks have affordable payment schemes in an effort to encourage more families to store their umbilical fluid.


By maria codilla, published at 07/19/2011
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