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What Is Private Banking

 For the top clients of the bank, there is always the possibility to obtain top quality services. When it comes to money management, the services must be great. For this reason, the individuals that have large sums of money at their disposal are considered private banking clients, and they benefit from some special services. A program of this kind has diverse possibilities of increasing the liquidities; the rules are more permissive than the ones of the standard offers. A client that has small amounts of money is eligible for the common offers of the bank, but the situation changes completely if we are talking about the clients with huge possibilities.

 The options of the private banking clients

A private banking client will always have a banking officer at his disposal. The officer will always answer the phone, whether it is made in the middle of the night or from another country. The relationship of the client with the bank is personalized. However, the banks usually request at least 200 000 dollars in deposits to consider a person a private client. The conditions are different from one bank to another, so it is better to check them carefully before signing the contract with the bank.

The most important principle of private banking is confidentiality. Other important foundations of a relationship of this kind are the safety, the increased return of income compared with the classical investment and deposit options offered by the bank to the common clients, and also different methods of liquidity placement offered by the bank to the respective client. A private banking client is rarely seen at the office of the bank sitting in line. This happens only in rare cases when the client needs to deposit money to the cashier, and some banks offer the client the possibility to have his money picked up by the representatives of the bank. 

 Advanced features of the program

The private banking program offers a package of options to place the money into different investment instruments. It is all about the consultancy offered by the bank. The bank is allowed to place the liquidities of the private client in several investment options, such as term deposits with negotiated interest, stocks, and even advanced options such as hedge funds and future option.

The deposits could be placed in several currencies and on different time periods. For the younger clients that like the risk, the Forex market is available. No matter how exotic this would sound, the bank will offer you the possibility to bet on any exotic currency pair.

Tips and comments:

 As a conclusion, being a private banking client of a bank represents not only a great method to add value to your money, but also a method to be recognized as a valuable member of the society. Only the most important people could become clients of this kind, and usually the bank is strict about choosing the private clients. You will have access to a wide gamma of services, including personalized credit cards, access to some exclusive clubs and organizations and also recognition amongst the elite.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 07/19/2011
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