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Banking is the most widely used sector not only by a common man but also by corporates. Globally there are many banks which are not just in branch banking but they also offer online banking option. Banks provide many essential services to its customers. Banks have become must for us not just for saving our hard-earned money but also because it provides better security which is impossible for us to get at home or at any other place.

Securing our wealth is our foremost concern and banks provide us with the best security option. Through banks we not only get security for our wealth we also get chance to increase it because on our savings banks pay us interest which piles up after a certain period and our saving amount gets enhanced over a certain period. Banking customer service is part of bank management which helps in interacting with prospective as well as current customers for solving their queries.

Customer service of a bank is an essential part of its business strategy because there are many services offered by a bank and not all services are known to a customer hence customer service helps people to know about various banking products. The best banking customer service increases product awareness which helps a bank to get more customers and increases its business.

Having 24x7 customer support is the best practice because it not only helps a bank in solving the queries of its customers but also helps the bank in relationship building and it increases the trust of the customer which further helps them to get more clients due to favorable mouth publicity from its existing clients hence it is essential for banks to have the best banking customer service in place.

Customer service is not only essential in branch banking but also for online banking. Banks provide too many services hence customers who want to know about them can approach a customer care executive or can call on the hotline number to solve their queries. Many people don’t know about the services offered by the banks hence the best way to educate people is to call them and let them know about various banking products, this would also allow the bank to sell its products.

The best banking customer service practice would be to solve customer queries within 24 hours or early as possible. Calling existing customers to check if they have any issues with the bank or its product is a best practice and should be followed, it will also allow the bank to educate as well as sell new product to its existing client.

Tips and comments:

Through customer service banks have to let their customers know which product can help them get maximum benefit. Banks have customers of all age group and they have banking products which provides benefit for certain sections of the society like senior citizens who can get more interest rate on their savings while in certain bank schemes people can get tax benefits hence the best banking customer service practice would be to let the customers know which scheme or product could be beneficial for them.

By HANIF QAZI, published at 07/11/2011
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Best Banking Customer Services. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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