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Advantages Of Direct Online Banking

These days banking can be done not only through a bank but also through phone and by internet. Banking has become part of our system because banks not only keep our wealth safe but they also help us to gain more on our savings.

With growth in population and increase in per capital income, banks have seen unprecedented growth of customers which has led to huge rush of people on all week days for doing transactions.

To make their work easy banks have started phone and internet banking. Internet banking is also called as direct online banking. Globally there are many people who have opted for direct online banking account.

To get a direct online banking account you have to make a request to your bank. If you are not having a bank account then you can apply for new one which will also have online banking option but to activate it or not completely depends on you.

While using a direct online banking account care should be taken that your login details should not be revealed to anyone because your online banking account might get hacked. Also remember not to use cyber cafes for online transaction because your login information could get stored on the PC and your direct online banking account might be hacked. Direct online banking accounts are safe, fast and secure you just have to be careful while using it.

Lets us see the different advantages of using a direct online banking account –

·  No traveling

To do banking transactions through a banks branch one has to travel all the way from home and if your bank is at some distance then banking could be a headache but those people who have a direct banking online account don’t have to travel because they can do various banking transactions from their home and office.

·  No queues

When we go to a bank there are always long queues at every counter and it makes us sick. With direct online banking account you don’t get tired or get any headache because you don’t have to stand in queues. Through your online account you can do various transactions from your home or office without sweating.

·  No time wasting

Due to maddening rush in banks many times we get late for office or some other important meeting or work but with direct online banking account you don’t have to waste your time because there is no rush. With your direct online banking account you can do various transactions in few minutes.  

·  No interaction

While doing transaction you don’t have to interact with stressed out bank employees who at times insult you in public in the bank but when you use direct online banking account you are the boss and there is no need of any interaction. You can do any transaction within few minutes.

·  In private

Direct online banking account provides you complete privacy which we don’t get in banks while making transactions.

·  Transfer and Get now

Transferring as well as receiving money through direct online banking account is very fast because it takes only few minutes to transfer and receive funds.

Tips and comments:

Direct online banking accounts are here to stay and they are a better option for banking. Branch banking is indeed very tiring hence these accounts have become the need of the hour. Though there are few dangers in direct online banking but if we take precautions it is very safe and secure. It is very fast and it is also very useful for old people. Online banking is useful to every section of the society.

By HANIF QAZI, published at 07/19/2011
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Advantages Of Direct Online Banking. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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