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Instant online card credit application

Published at 02/20/2012 23:50:05


The simplest and most reliable way to get a credit card is through applying online. The process of applying a credit card online takes about ten to fifteen minutes and a minute to receive a response on whether the card credit application was successful. However, this is usually depends on the information provided which in some cases is subject to verification. Any interrupted card credit application or lack of action for ten to fifteen minutes leads to a security time out and the card credit application has to be started a fresh.

Requirements for an Online Credit Card Application

Although there may be a difference in the information that different credit providers ask for, before any card credit application is done online, some general information must be at hand. This general information include.

  1. Personal and contact details: Theses are things like. the applicants full name, date o birth, home and mobile phone numbers, home and email address. The above information is same for any other cardholder the card credit applicant may want to include.
  2. Income details: In most cases, the card credit applicants income should be at least $15,000 per year for a regular card credit application. For gold and platinum cards, the annual income should be higher.
  3. Expenditure details and assets: Theses include monthly expenses, unpaid loans, mortgage and any owned property.
  4. Employer's details: Things like name, address and contact number. If the card credit applicant is self employed, the said details for his/her accountant are required.

Apart from the above, the applicant must do the following: fulfill the online card credit application criteria, be above 18 years of age, and have a good credit history.

Online card credit application process

The online card credit application process unfolds as follows:

  • The applicant reaches for card credit finder when looking for card credit information or comparison. The applicant compares the different credit cards available and selects the one he/she wants to apply for.
  • The applicant then clicks on 'apply now'. This leads to the bank's official website page for the particular product. This page contains the terms, conditions, product statement and card credit application form.
  • If the application was made through the bank's online form , then the applicant should expect a response on the card credit application status in five to ten working days.
  • If the card credit application is approved, the applicant receives his/her credit card within five working days.


After you have completed filling the card credit application form, make sure you go through a second time before submitting to check for any omissions or errors that may lead to rejection of your card credit application.
If your card credit application is successful and you are not a member of the providing bank, it is essential to appear at the bank in person with your documents for verification of your identity.

Making an online card credit application is not only quick and simple, but it also safe and secure. This is because, any personal details that an applicant submits to the bank is protected and the bank uses technology to hinder any attempts of interfering with the applicants personal information.


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