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How To Apply For Credit Card?

What is a credit card?

Credit cards are cards supplied by a bank, consumer store or a retailer, which permits purchase of products and services on credit for a particular limit, time period and interest rate. Today, there are myriads of credit cards to choose from on the basis of special requirements of each person. You can apply for card online by phone or through paper application. This article discusses on how to apply for credit card.

Step 1

Grab information about credit plans

This is the primary step wherein you need to collect authentic information about credit card plans, terms and conditions, interest rates etc. You can get this information from newspapers, personal finance magazines and on the internet. Then choose the most appropriate credit card after verifying all aspects with it such as credit limit, interest rate and repayment period. When you have determined on particular credit card, it is the time to apply for credit card. Fill out the application form for the credit card, which would mostly be available online. You must ensure that the application is certified by the credit card company and is an authentic document. You can apply by phone calling to the toll free number of the credit card company of your choice. Find out their toll free number online, newspapers, yellow pages or magazines. When you make call to the number they would provide you with certain instructions. Strictly follow the automatic information given by them via phone.

Try out online application

Applying for credit card at online websites is considered to be the fastest, easiest and most preferred choice of most people, these days. There are many banks, credit unions, financial institutions and consumer stores issuing credit cards online. Go online and look for the most authentic and dependable company and apply for credit card. Remember to compare various aspects such as APR, interest-free days, fixed or fluctuating interest, credit limits, grace periods, penalties, schemes for cash advance, special offers, balance transfers and other implied costs. Pick out the right one that could meet your requirements perfectly and look for applying options online. Also, examine the prerequisites of applying such as social security number, driving license number, address proof, date of birth, etc. Generally, there is no need to have a bank account in particular banks and you don’t need to maintain a minimum account balance. After filling details online, double check it for corrections and also read the privacy statement before clicking on ‘Apply’.

Multiple credit cards

You can also apply for multiple numbers of credit cards according to your desire. However, the rights to grant all these cards solely remain with the issuer, who will primarily ensure whether you have a good financial background.

Recently, government has passed some laws that regulate the procedures of banks in issuing credit cards. When people apply for credit card, a number of rules restrict the charges, terms and interest rate a bank can offer. You can contact the Federal Reserve if you think that a financial institution or bank violates these rules. Always apply for credit cards at a reliable and reputed banks or financial institutions.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 01/21/2012
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