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Credit Application For Your Business

Published at 01/17/2012 15:05:37

Credit Application for Your Business

Business credit application is very different from applying for personal credit. It is advisable to keep both separate so that you can better manage your business and be productive. However, when you decide to get credit for your business, your personal credit can play a huge role in the whole process. Getting credit for your business entails a lot. Your business credit score has to be good before any financial institution can consider issuing credit. This is really important which means, for a credit application to be approved, you need to mindful of your business credit score throughout.

Step 1

There are a number of things you can observe to ensure your business credit score remains high. Be sure to always pay your bills on time. This is something credit companies look into. If your payment history is consistent, they have faith that should they approve your credit application, you will keep to the payments stipulated.

Step 2

Secondly, assess your credit report every year. Critically examine your credit report and be on the lookout for any inaccuracies. Should you spot anything amiss, report it immediately to the credit agencies so that it can be corrected. Anything that can help better your credit score improves your chances of approval for credit application. Your credit card balance may also affect your credit score. Maintain it by keeping the purchases minimal and do not max it out. Additionally, do not apply for too many credit cards. Try and hold onto those that have a long credit history. They are better suited to increase your credit score especially if payments have been consistent.

Another thing you need to do if you want credit application approval is establish your business credit record. There are a number of things every business is required to do to sustain growth of the business. If you adhere to these requirements, the credit record improves which is something financial lenders are also looking at.

Step 3

You need to register your business with the necessary legal bodies such as the Better Business Bureau. Retain this business name and a steady address because creditors will be able to easily recognize you. Make sure you have a business plan drafted out and keep a record of all financial statements. These are a huge plus with financial institutions during the credit application process. Also, be sure to adhere to all federal, state and local business laws. Follow the rules instituted for businesses and get all the licenses appropriate for running a business. Finally, apply for credit with institutions that can help you continue building your credit report. This can be done through recording all payments made against any credit issued.


Business credit application can be very helpful if you are looking to expand your business. Therefore;

  1. Be mindful of your business credit score to ensure you can get credit if need be.
  2. Adhere to laws, rules and regulations stipulated for businesses.
  3. Study your credit report carefully to ensure no errors go unnoticed.
  4. Pay all your bills on time if you want creditors to trust you and approve your credit application.
  5. Select your credit lenders wisely so that you can continue to build your business credit report.


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