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How To Transfer To Credit Cards With Percent Interest

Published at 03/20/2012 22:38:15


Credit cards have become one of most convenient ways of purchasing items either online or in a store. This is by just typing your credit card number and you get what you want or when in a store you just swipe your credit card and there you go with what you wanted. The concern is to get a credit transfer with 0% interest.

Step 1

You can go on and find the best dealer who will issue you a credit card with 0% credit transfer. There are those card issuers who will not charge you any interest fee when you do your transactions. This is the most important thing that you need to consider. Also know the interests that are charged by the companies.

Step 2

You can still get a credit card with 0% credit transfer but usually in the introductory period. Most of card issuers will give you a period of time usually twelve to twenty four months. During this period you will enjoy all the services without being charged on transferring any balances. This is what you should be looking for because this will allow you to raise your scores and when it comes to paying the interest, the charges will be low.

Step 3

There are still other cards that will give not only the 0% credit transfer but also certain percentage cash back on the purchases you have made. This is a good option to turn to because it will make you save a lot when you do your purchases.

Step 4

If you have two or more cards, and one of the cards has the 0% credit transfer, then you need to specify that one for that purpose only. Then avoid using the other one to save from having increased debts. Make sure that your card is not making you to have a burden of debts that would lead to mounting high interests.

Step 5

Then if you have the option of 0% credit transfer, you need to transfer as much of your credit debt you can. This is by consolidating all the debts into one card. This is because a card with high interest rate seems to have easy transactions and a 0% balance transfer.

Step 6

After transferring all your debts to one credit card that has the 0% balance transfer, then you can cancel the other cards and ask your new issuer to issue you with checks that you will use to pay off your balances on your high interest rate cards. Clearly check whether your balances have been transferred using the toll free number at the back of your card for confirmation.

Step 7

Then, write the expiry date of the 0% credit transfer offer on your calendar or set a reminder on your email calendar prior to one month to the deadline of the offer, this is to avoid unnecessary interest charges once the promotion period has expired. This is because the interest charges revert once again with a higher level of charges.


You can go re-do the process to continue enjoying the convenience of your credit card with 0% credit transfer and avoid much debts and high interest charges.


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