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All About Credit Balance Transfer Process

Published at 01/18/2012 16:13:17

Knowing about credit balance transfer

All over the world today the use of Credit cards have become very popular but the truth about credit cards is the fact they were made for  emergency usage but people have tend to use it for every transaction which has led to piling debts. Day in and out, there are so many financial problems that we encounter whether it has to do with our family, business, work or even education. Credit cards should be the very last option to any financial problem. Transferring monies to and from your credit cards can be very dangerous if not done with care. A credit balance transfer means moving the balance from your current credit card to another credit card and is mostly done due to interests. It is important to know about credit balance transfer.

When you can make credit balance transfer

  • You can make a credit balance transfers if you want to pay off a high rate card with a lower one because it goes a long way to saving you money.
  • Also when you have no choice and it is the only way out to your financial victory, you can go ahead with it.   
  • Make sure you check your rates before any kind of balance transfer is made to ensure that you can afford the move.
  • Also make sure you check thoroughly through your credit card agreements to find out what it says about annual percentage rates that is going to be applied to that balance.

Making sure your credit is always in good standing

Whether you have a good or bad credit card history, you can make a credit balance transfer but with 0% rates, it is very important to the following;

  • Make sure you understand every single tern where rates, terms, conditions and other important matters are concerned to ensure that you do not commit any harm to yourself by agreeing to terms you never understood in the first place.
  • Take note of the day or date when the introductory rate will end
  • For cards that have good rates, some credit card companies allow online transfers but you will need to have an online account with them first.

Some tips to consider when considering credit balance transfer process

  • Credit balance transfers can be done with personal loans, gasoline cards, bank cards, etc.
  • The very minute you sign up for a balance transfer, you will need to close your old credit card so you have to make sure your old credit card issuer is aware of what is going on because you will in the end need to close your account.
  • A good balance transfer choice is one that offers or gives 0% annual percentage rates as an introductory offer but never forget to read all terms and be sure how much interests will rise to in order to know if you are ready.
  • Also consider the fine print, make sure you read it because if you do not then get ready to be paying some fees in the future that might break you more.


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