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How To Get a Free Credit Report From

Published at 03/09/2012 04:43:03


Getting your free credit report from is not a difficult process. Often times, people think that they have to pay great amounts to get their credit report, but it is important to know that this is not the case. You can get a free credit report each and every year to check your credit and be sure that there are no errors or unclear issues with your report. This is a great way to check for any problems and get them corrected before they cause problems with your credit and finance records. This is important to pursue before things get out of hand.

Step 1

The site is the official site to get your free credit report each year. This is the only site that is truly given as the go-to site for credit reports. There are other sites, but many of them are not free and you must be careful putting in your information so that your information is not stolen. If the site seems untrustworthy, be careful to use only the official site at This is a very helpful site in checking your credit each year. It can be helpful to know where your credit score stands so that you can work towards improvement.

Step 2

Many people do not know that you can get a free credit report on even more than once a year. Any time that you are turned down for credit, you are eligible to check your credit score for free within thirty days of the turn down. This is important to know because you may apply for credit and not realize why you are being turned down. This can save you many hassles and aggravations if you check this regularly when given the opportunity, it can greatly help you keep your credit score higher. A free credit report at can be a great tool for credit care checks.

Step 3

The first step to getting a free credit report is to register. You will need to have several pieces of information before you begin seeking your credit report. You will need your social security number and maiden name information. You will need your address information and even previous addresses. This information is needed because the credit report will need this information to pull up your credit report and give you the appropriate information. Make sure that you know your information well, because if you answer wrong, you will be locked out from getting your credit report.

Step 4

Once you have registered, you will put your information in and it will ask you several questions to check who you are. It will ask you to verify your information through a series of questions. This will verify who you are and then you will be able to access your credit report and review it. This can be very beneficial in reviewing the information and checking to make sure that all of the information on the report is correct. If you find that anything is not correct, you can address this with the creditor and hopefully get it removed if it is false.

Step 5

Once you have received your free credit report at, you may need to keep a constant check on your credit for some time if you are having credit issues. There are credit monitoring services that can help to monitor your credit and they will alert you when new things are added or unusual issues arise. This can be a great service in addition to getting your free credit report on This free service along with a paid service monitor can greatly keep your credit score in check. Don't forget the importance of this service and use it each year to keep your credit score in shape.


  • Check your credit score yearly.
  • If you get turned down for credit, you can also get a free check within 30 days.
  • Check your credit score often.
  • Check for errors and get them fixed.


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