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Great Advice For Insurance Financial Jobs

Published at 03/29/2012 06:56:14


It will probably come as a surprise to many that the hottest jobs out there today are not only in the banks and oil companies. Today, financial insurance jobs are equally lucrative. There are over 3 million people employed by this segment of the economy in the United States alone. The reason is simple. Old age coupled with an increase in wealth makes one eventually realize that life is not secured at all. Acceptance of this fact makes people seek stable means or measures that will ensure the absorption of eventual shocks of life. That is why the only sector in finance which is the most lucrative irrespective of the economic outlook is the insurance sector. This is great news especially for those looking for an insurance financial job.

Step 1

Insurance 101

Insurance is a dynamic and yet a stable industry that provides opportunities for career advancement. Everything being done in other businesses is also available in the insurance sector, for example, management customer service, accounting, sales, information technology etc. Your job would be to help clients understand their insurance needs, while explaining their options and helping them in choosing an appropriate policy. A financial insurance job is challenging but it also offers growth and development

How to get your foot in the door

Securing an insurance financial job is not as difficult as many think, especially if you know how to.

Research the Company - You will need to have a full understanding of the company you wish to work for. Get to know the basics like company policies, remunerations and other details that might be useful during the interview.

Networking - You need to start pressing every button you know in the industry. Go back to your school and ask your professors relevant questions. Ask them to write recommendations for you which will help you to throw some weight around. Join the Chamber of Commerce in your neighborhood and meet the people there. Attend all the meetings and be highly visible. If you are still in school, then join students’ clubs that invite employers to pay a visit. If you know anybody who already in a financial insurance job then you can consult him as well. Attend the various company information sessions or off campus fairs.

Present Big - Even though you are yet to garner much experience and build a thick resume, you can nonetheless do a big presentation during your pre-interview sessions. Make sure you cite your experiences while in school.

Be Consistent - You are more fortunate if you are still in school, because you will tend to take your job search as a job in itself. Don’t stop searching until you secure your dream financial insurance job.


Many may still think that financial insurance jobs are not as glamorous as other most talked about industries, but if what you are looking for is not glamour but stability, development and challenge, then you are on the right track. Financial insurance jobs will offer you all those and more. If you are willing to pay the price, go beyond your limiting box, step out and dare success.


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