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Top 10 financial services jobs for accountants

Published at 01/17/2012 07:05:58

An accounting job outlook

Many companies are nowadays complaining that they can’t seem to find accounting and finance talent. This however does not mean you can easily get financial services jobs. Accountancy offers variety people contact; it offers a graduate environment, high salaries and prospects to work internationally and professional qualifications. A lot of accountants move into management or start up businesses through their qualifications. An accountant can work in any field of business or even in the voluntary and public sector. A lot of them work in certified or chartered firms there are those who work in banks, hospital trusts, local authorities, insurance companies or even manufacturing companies just to name a few.

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Requirements for financial jobs

In order for you to get any financial services jobs, accounting and finance you need to have gained some experience in that industry and should also have a good track record of being able to use the accounting software’s and should posses basic skills applicable in that area. In most cases recruiters prefer to employ people for financial services jobs from other companies compared to the unemployed professionals who are viewed to have rusty skills.

Top financial services jobs

Account analyst-these requires highly trained professionals and they are responsible for payroll issues, overseeing other accountants work, resolving accounting errors after analysis and determining property taxes. It requires a bachelor’s degree in commerce or accounting and a certified public accountant license.

Finance controller-he/she is responsible in the management of the policies and financial activities, they assist the chief financial officer in implementing and planning audit and accounting processes and they carry out periodic reviews.

Payroll accountant-they are required to work closely with the human resources department due to their nature of work which involves preparation and payroll accounting. This position requires a bachelor’s degree and a certified accountant license.

Tax accountant-they are responsible for preparing tax returns in accordance with the state tax laws. The job involves researching for tax related issues in a company’s operations. A part from academic qualifications you need to have had previous experience in tax accounting.

Corporate accountant-financial services jobs as a company accountant involve monitoring the financial activities of the organization and preparing reports, financial analysis and forecast as requested by the management. They also do ledger maintenance, financial research and budget analysis.

Accounting director-they are responsible in the management of an accounting division in a company. They make changes in accounting processes; make sure that there is error free performance and offer advice to management.

Finance manager-they provide senior manager with ideas of maximizing profits and reducing risk by analyzing financial data.

Forensic accountant-they are responsible for investigating illegal financial practices and generate reports.

Auditor-they review an organizations operations and financial activities to make sure they comply with various systems.

Insurance accountant-they calculate and report contributions to a health plan, pension fund or insurance policy.

Tips to landing a financial job

You should have a good academic record to give you the upper hand when it comes to recruitment, also look for projects or jobs that will ensure your skills are fresh to avoid being unemployed. Make sure you keep on applying for the financial services jobs by applying throughout the year.


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