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About the Cedar Breaks Spa And Lodge

Published at 03/01/2012 01:22:55


The Utah Cedar Breaks Lodge is 9,600 feet up within the beautiful Utah Mountains, and nestled among the towering trees and the fresh mountain air. This cozy, inviting place of accommodation is located within close proximity to various exciting venues. These include the Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, and the Cedar Breaks National Monument.

There are a total of three eateries at the Cedar breaks spa. the Double Black Diamond Steak House, Cedar Breaks Cafe and Cedar Breaks Bar and. Grill. The double black diamond steak house is open 5pm till 10 pm during season and offers its customers steak, game, seafood and a vegetarian option of pasta. It is strongly recommended that you reserve a seat at this busy establishment. The Cedar Breaks Cafe is open from 8am to 12pm daily during season and has on offer a wide range of delicious and freshly made breakfast dishes and steaming hot beverages to wash it down with. Lastly the cedar breaks bar and grill is open from 5pm daily and has an assorted mix of activities to partake in such as billiards, backgammon and chess.

The Cedar Breaks spa houses a beautiful expansive custom built pool for lodge guests to dive into at their leisure. In close proximity to this luxurious pool are equally exquisite spas, dry sauna, and a steam sauna. If you have the urge to shop, the lodge has on offer a mercantile which contains arts and crafts constructed by local artists, specialty food, hot beverages and clothes.


Fully equipped conference and meeting rooms are on offer for those who require them. They can house a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 90, and are fully catered and setup on request. If your group is smaller than 12 then you have the opportunity of retreating to the Bristlecone Boardroom, a meeting room surrounded by the beauties of nature. The catering options for your event fluctuates greatly in accordance to your needs. It can be as low-key as a deluxe baked potato bar or as glitzy as a seven course banquet.

The lodge offers a wireless Internet service so you are able to connect via your laptop to the Internet. cellphone coverage is also covered at the cedar breaks lodge. To ensure that your stay at the lodge runs as smooth as possible there is a concierge service available. The additional amenities on offer at the cedar breaks lodge are as follows convenient underground parking, a fitness centre, pool towel service and changing rooms in the pool area, onsite activities such as archery and barbeques (changes with the season), coin operated game room, board games and card games on offer at the front desk, storage for your skis and skateboards, onsite ATM, vending machines and limited outdoor trailer parking.

There is an onsite spa to relax in also. The spa has various treatments on offer for the lodge guests, these include indulgent massages, cleansing facials and intensive spa packages. As you can discern from the above information, the Cedar breaks lodge is a cosy family friendly accommodation that has a lot on offer.

Tips and comments

  • Be sure to make reservations at the steak house as it is known to get quite busy.
  • Remember to book the meeting and conference rooms well ahead of time.


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