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What Is a Hot Spa?

Published at 02/03/2012 18:12:45


Spas have a long history since they were also used in the ancient times. A spa is basically a form of bathing facility used for hygienic, recreational, religious or health purposes. It is a well or tub like feature that is filled with water and the temperature maintained at a certain level. The water movement is what creates a messaging effect that is so relaxing and thus the popularity. Artificial spas are made using wood, ceramic or Acrylic and finished with a waterproof material.





Spas go back to historical times where certain natural springs, rivers or wells were valued for their healing or spiritual purification qualities. They were mostly in the form of shared bathing facilities. Romans, Egyptians and Greeks were among the early users of such facilities but this was later to change as they became popular in other parts of the world. During these times, such venues were also used for entertainment, socialization or religious purposes. Today we have man-made spas as well, thanks to modern technology.


A hot spa, in its simplest definition, it is a basin like feature, which can be natural or man-made, that contains water that is heated and maintained at certain temperature to be used for recreational or health purposes. Man made spas have mechanisms or installations that ensure the right temperature is maintained and that the water is kept clean. Hot spas are popular because of their many therapeutic benefits. The messaging environment created is relaxing and therefore therapeutic. They help to relieve stress or fatigue while allowing you to have some fun time. This is the reason many people will travel far and wide to access hotel or resort spas. In some countries, spas form an important tourism revenue source.

Some people prefer natural hot spas since they are believed to contain minerals or salts that are beneficial to the body. Such spas are frequented by people looking to cure or prevent certain health conditions like blood, nervous and heart disorders, Arthritis and certain skin conditions. For some women, a hot spa forms part their beauty enhancing facilities. Some spa owners have taken advantage of these benefits by attracting visitors who can afford to pay exorbitant fees just so that they can access their facilities.

A hot spa is particularly beneficial during the rainy and cold seasons. It is possible to have a spa in your home and it can be positioned in any place of your choice. Garden or patio spas are the most preferred areas due to the added benefit of allowing you to enjoy nature as you relax. It is important to note that spas have to be maintained to the highest hygienic standards. There are many good maintenance companies. You can choose to do the maintenance yourself as long as the right procedures are followed.

Tips and comments

There are certain salts or minerals in the market that can be added to a man-made hot spa to create the same conditions as experienced in a natural spa, and so a spa experience doesn't have to be expensive for you to enjoy its numerous benefits. This, of course, should be done with professional assistance.


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